spec exposes trailing <li> bug #1

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Hi I was noticing the following behavior, so I thought I would submit a test for it. I hope it helps.

RedCloth.new("* one\n* two\n* three \n\n").to_html
# => "<ul>\n\t<li>one</li>\n\t<li>two</li>\n\t<li>three</li>\n</ul>"

RedCloth.new("* one\n* two\n* three \n\n\n").to_html
#=> "<ul>\n\t<li>one</li>\n\t<li>two</li>\n\t<li>three</li>\n</ul>\n<li>"
# note extra trailing <li> outside <ul>
knowuh added some commits Jan 13, 2011
@knowuh knowuh spec exposes trailing <li> bug.
Happens when there are more than 3 trailing 
newlines following a ul.
@knowuh knowuh spec test typeo "thee => three" for legibility. e652ef7

Noah, I know you found the bug using Redcolth v4.2.2 -- didn't know whether you also tested on redcloth master -- I just checked and this spec fails on master also.

This issue was closed.
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