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A space-themed image placeholder service.

Deployment Build


Jamming on a prototype? Cranking on buildout but you don't have content images from your client yet? Drop the following in your markup and marvel at the wonders of the universe:

<img src="" alt="This is an awesome spaceholder!">

Replace 400x300 with whatever pixel dimensions you like: 200x50, 1200x400, 240x240. You'll be traveling the outer reaches so long as the format is a number, an x, and another number. For sanity's sake, both dimensions may be no larger than 4000.

If you'd like a square image, use a single number in the URL:

<img src="" alt="This is an awesome square spaceholder!">


Tip o' the hat to Brad Frost for the inspiration and Alex Rehberg for the name. Many thanks to Ste Grainer for SpaceHolder's logo and visual design.

All those amazing photos are sourced from ESA/Hubble and are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

SpaceHolder is written and maintained by Jason Garber.


SpaceHolder is freely available under the MIT License. Use it, learn from it, fork it, improve it, change it, tailor it to your needs.