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This repository has been archived by the owner on May 14, 2022. It is now read-only.


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⚠️ Deprecation Notice (2022-05-13) ⚠️ This gem is deprecated in favor of indieweb/webmention-client-ruby and will no longer receive updates.

A Ruby gem for verifying a received webmention.

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Key Features

Getting Started

Before installing and using webmention-verification-ruby, you'll want to have Ruby 2.6 (or newer) installed. It's recommended that you use a Ruby version managment tool like rbenv, chruby, or rvm.

webmention-verification-ruby is developed using Ruby 2.6.10 and is additionally tested against Ruby 2.7, 3.0, and 3.1 using GitHub Actions.


If you're using Bundler, add webmention-verification-ruby to your project's Gemfile:

source ''

gem 'webmention-verification'

…and hop over to your command prompt and run…

$ bundle install


Basic Usage

With webmention-verification-ruby added to your project's Gemfile and installed, you may verify a received webmention by doing:

require 'webmention/verification'

source = ''
target = ''

verified = Webmention::Verification.verified?(source, target)

puts verified # => Boolean true or false

This example assumes that you've received a webmention from (the "source") to your URL, (the "target"). The above code will return true if the source URL links to your target URL and false if it doesn't.

Advanced Usage

Should the need arise, you may work with the Webmention::Verification::Client class:

require 'webmention/verification'

source = ''
target = ''

client =, target)

puts client.source     # => ''
puts     # => ''

puts client.source_uri # => #<HTTP::URI>
puts client.target_uri # => #<HTTP::URI>

puts client.response   # => #<HTTP::Response>

puts client.verified?  # => Boolean true or false

By default, webmention-verification-ruby will strictly match URLs. You may disable strict matching which allows webmention-verification-ruby to match both http:// and https:// URLs. This is useful for matching webmentions your website may have received before it was available exclusively via HTTPS.

To disable strict mode, pass strict: false when instantiating a Webmention::Verification::Client:

require 'webmention/verification'

source = ''
target = ''

client =, target, strict: false)

puts client.verified?  # => Boolean true or false

The above example will match either or in the target URL.


webmention-verification-ruby verifies HTML, JSON, and plaintext files in accordance with Section 3.2.2 of the W3C's Webmention Recommendation:

The receiver should use per-media-type rules to determine whether the source document mentions the target URL.

In plaintext documents, webmention-verification-ruby will search the source URL for exact matches of the target URL. If the source URL is a JSON document, key/value pairs whose value equals the target URL are matched.

HTML documents are searched for a variety of elements and attributes whose values may be (or include) URLs:

Element Attributes
a href
area href
audio src
blockquote cite
del cite
embed src
img src, srcset
ins cite
object data
q cite
source src, srcset
track src
video src

You may work directly with webmention-verification-ruby's verifiers by doing:

require 'webmention/verification'

response = HTTP.get('')
target = ''

verifier =, target)

verifier.verified? # => Boolean true or false
verifier.results   # => Array

In the example above, verifier.results will return an array of HTML elements that link to the provided target URL. An empty array will be returned if no elements linking to the target URL are found in the source URL.

Exception Handling

There are several exceptions that may be raised by webmention-verification-ruby's underlying dependencies. These errors are raised as subclasses of Webmention::Verification::Error (which itself is a subclass of StandardError).

From sporkmonger/addressable:

  • Webmention::Verification::InvalidURIError

From httprb/http:

  • Webmention::Verification::HttpError

From the Ruby Standard Library's OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError:

  • Webmention::Verification::SSLError

webmention-verification-ruby will also raise a Webmention::Verification::UnsupportedMimeTypeError when encountering an HTTP::Response instance with an unsupported MIME type.


Interested in helping improve webmention-verification-ruby? Awesome! Your help is greatly appreciated. See for details.


webmention-verification-ruby wouldn't exist without Webmention and the hard work put in by everyone involved in the IndieWeb movement.

The LinkExtractor class in Zegnat's php-linkextractor was invaluable in the devleopment of the HtmlVerifier class. Intridea's Hashie gem (specifically the DeepLocate extension) also provided inspiration for the JsonVerifier class.

webmention-verification-ruby is written and maintained by Jason Garber.


webmention-verification-ruby is freely available under the MIT License. Use it, learn from it, fork it, improve it, change it, tailor it to your needs.