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CloudStack Client Generator

Command line tool that fetches and parses the online reference for CloudStack API and generates the client class in PHP or Python with in-code documentation. You can generate a client in any other language (Java, C++, ObjectiveC, etc.) by adding class templates to the templates/ directory.

See https://github.com/qpleple/cloudstack-php-client for last PHP client generated.


The table of content of the API reference lists all the methods. Each method has its own page. The data that the script fetches for each method is:

  • the method name
  • the method description
  • for each argument:
    • the argument name
    • the argument description
    • wether if the argument is required or not

Here is an example of a method generated that has one argument required ($id) and one not ($forced):

* Stops a virtual machine.
* @param string $id The ID of the virtual machine
* @param string $forced Force stop the VM.  The caller knows the VM is stopped.

public function stopVirtualMachine($id, $forced = "") {
    $this->request("stopVirtualMachine", array(
        'id' => $id,
        'forced' => $forced,


Just run the script, it will generate all the methods.

php generator.php class


abstract class BaseCloudStackClient {
    abstract protected function request($method, $args);

    * Stops a virtual machine.
    * @param string $id The ID of the virtual machine
    * @param string $forced Force stop the VM.  The caller knows the VM is stopped.
    public function stopVirtualMachine($id, $forced = "") {
        $this->request("stopVirtualMachine", array(
            'id' => $id,
            'forced' => $forced,



The configuration is set in config.yml with the Yaml format:

# URL of the API reference table of contents
# check out if you have the latest version url here:
# http://cloud.mindtouch.us/CloudStack_Documentation/API_Reference%3A_CloudStack
api_ref_toc_url: http://download.cloud.com/releases/2.2.0/api_2.2.4/TOC_User.html

# Language for generated code (supported: php, python)
language: php

# Generated class name
class_name: CloudStackClient

# Use camel case variable or not
use_camel_case: true

# Camel case values
    account: account
    accounts: accounts
    # ...

Camel Case

You can either choose to have generated code with the same variable names than in the documentation, securitygroupnames for instance, or to have them in camel case, like securityGroupNames by setting use_camel_case to true in the configuration file.


As the DOM of the online documentation may change, here is some tools to inquire the change. Three steps are crucial:

  • The URL of the online documentation table of content of the latest version of the API. To be modified in the config file.
  • The link black list: links to ignore in all the links from the table of content. To be modified in the function getAllLinks() of generator.php.
  • The page scraper if the DOM change, to be modified in the function fetchMethodData() in generator.php.

The code is well documented, it should not be too difficult to understand and tweak it.

Dump links

This command is great to debug a change in the URL pattern of the online documentation. It should output all the links that are on the table of contents (the URL is in the config file):

php generator.php links


$ php generator.php links

Dump method data

This command shows what data is fetched from the page of one method.


$ php generator.php method-data stopVirtualMachine
    [name] => stopVirtualMachine
    [description] => Stops a virtual machine.
    [params] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [name] => id
                    [description] => The ID of the virtual machine
                    [required] => true

            [1] => Array
                    [name] => forced
                    [description] => Force stop the VM.  The caller knows the VM is stopped.
                    [required] => false




This command generates the PHP code for that method. The following example will output the code given at the begin of this document:

php generator.php method stopVirtualMachine


Base packaging is included. This packages are base classes to be able to use the generated Class from php generator.php class


Use the generated api from the repository (ROOT ADMIN API)

  • Go to the package/python directory

  • then install using distutils

    python setup.py install

Generate from the latest document or different api level

From the base dir, set python language in config.yml and choose your the api level you wish to use. Then generate the CloudStackClient file, and redirect the output to the python package

php generator.php class > package/python/CloudStackClient/CloudStackClient.py 

Install the package as stated above