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Pasteboard is my redesigned and renamed update to PasteShack, a web app for easy image uploading. The live version is available at, and a development version that's running the code from the dev branch is up at

MIT Licensed (
Copyright 2012, Joel Besada

Why this is open source

While future plans for Pasteboard might prevent me from keeping it open source, I've decided to share the code for now for people to learn from. I'm also hoping that there are developers out there who would like to contribute to the project by helping out with fixing bugs and adding / discussing new features.

I've provided instructions on how to set up your own copy of the app, but this is mainly to allow people to fiddle around with the code and test it locally. Please don't publically host a copy of the app in an effort to drive traffic to your site instead of mine for the exact same functionality. In other words, don't be a jerk.

Running Locally

Here are the instructions for running the app for local testing:

Step 1: Install Node and Node Package Manager.
Step 2: Run the following commands in the terminal

git clone   
cd pasteboard
git checkout dev
npm install

Step 3 (Optional): Edit the example files in the /auth folder with your credentials and rename them according to the instructions inside the files. You can still run the app without doing this, but certain functions will be missing.