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All about strings

What is the best way to extract information from strings? How do python indices work? How much string formatting is too much string formatting? What is a regular expression?

Come to the Noisebridge Python class for answers to all these questions (And More!)

What does this course contain?

The class covers indexing, slicing and other operations on strings and ordered collections. It continues to formatting strings, and finally gestures towards regular expressions. Along the way it also touches on immutability, objects and methods.

Further resources

  • The Python documentation tends to be good.
  • describes the string formatting syntax. Most of this information carries over to f-strings.
  • lets you tweak and try regular expressions
  • itertools provides even more advanced manipulation of strings and collections.

Who is this course for?

This class is intended for beginners. Students with some experience with the material often enjoy covering it again and seeing a few new tricks. Students who have not used Python before may have trouble keeping up, and are encouraged to schedule some time with the instructor through the meetup page to get started.

Everything we cover in this class can be done from the python command line, accessible through running the python executable. If you don't have Python installed on your computer, you can try it out at Once you want to create a permanent program, you will need an editor. There are many good options. IDLE is the simplest, and comes bundled with your Python installation.

What if I don't understand something in the class?

That is a bug in the material and instruction. Please contact the maintainer through a meetup or github message.

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