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Final Mod Pack is a mod for the OpenXcom game
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by Open X-Com community Collected by: Human Ktulu and Solarius Scorch


FMP is a mod for the video game OpenXCom which is a opensource clone of XCOM. To play OpenXCom, you must own a copy of XCOM which you can get from Steam or GOG.

WARNING: Requires nightly build version 2016-05-27 or later! Get it from here


It adds lots of new content: alien races, missions, weapons, maps, you name it. And everything was made by our community members.


This megamod has two goals in mind:

  1. To include as much extra content made by the community as possible without going overboard, as well as ensure that this content is balanced.
  2. To make the game take longer, so that various tiers of equipment and aliens lasted long enough to appreciate them.


Part of FMP is not commited to Github, because the mod contains some of the original XCOM graphics and original artwork from other creators. This could cause potential licensing conflicts that we don't know how to resolve yet. We may post more in the near future as we determine license compatibility. For now, mostly the text files for rulesets and metadata are committed to the repo for collaboration.


You get it from the OpenXcom forums site located here


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or see the LICENSE file.


  • Open your "user" folder (normally Documents/MyGames/Openxcom or Documents/Openxcom, though it can be set up differently),
  • Copy the entire Final Mod Pack folder to the "/mods" folder,
  • Enable the mod from the Game Options menu.

If you have any issues, see the excellent "Let's Install Final Mod Pack Tutorial" by Ivan Dogovich at this link.

Also, if you want to enjoy an alternative set of custom sounds, get Daedalus' very nice High Quality Sounds mod for this pack at here.


  • Make sure you use the "item is destroyed on research" option, or else you will be able to research the Alien Data Slate over and over, which would be a cheat.
  • Please note that all weapons were balanced for "UFO Extender Accuracy" option turned on, since it makes combat more interesting and varied. You don't have to do it, but it's recommended.


Please post any feedback - bug reports, tanks, criticisms, requests for enhancements and the like - on the following thread, or simply in the OXC Mods comment section.


It can be split into two categories: content that was added from other mods (sometimes slightly tweaked) and the framework that makes it viable. For the former, check the list of included mods below; for the latter, it mostly concerns changes to the tech tree.


No mod is for everyone, because some compromises always have to be made. For example, we do not include content that would invalidate any vanilla content, because we don't want to take away what people already know - only add new stuff. Therefore you may find that some of our decisions were not what you expected. Still, this is a monumental work adding and balancing everything, which you don't have to do yourself, so it's probably worth it!


Hard to say. The community still makes great mods, so something worth adding may come up, but at this point we're pretty much done. Nevertheless, we will still be fixing any new bugs and perhaps change things that are really unpopular.


Generally, yes. However, since this is so complex, there is a significant risk that it will conflict with something else. It certainly works with all rulesets released with the game, like the XComUtil elements. Before applying the mod, make sure it's not already included in the package! If it is, expect a conflict of some sort.


The only major difference between playing vanilla game and the Final Mod Pack is access to new research. The FMP tech tree relies rather heavily on live alien interrogation, so capturing aliens - especially higher ranks - is essential. Do not expect to get even to lasers without some investment in live alien capture equipment! Also, build radars to cover all continents ASAP. The Men in Black bases are particularly nasty, since they may operate for months before discovering them. Finally, prepare for a longer war than usual. This can't be finished in three months of game time, and I doubt you'll manage within a year.


Currently, the fully supported languages are British English, US English and Polish. Russian and Spanish are mostly supported, which means some strings may be missing or outdated, but the mod should be playable in these languages. Other languages are not supported, though some have random strings translated.


Yeah, a better readme. :P Certainly more language versions, if they come to us. And of course we will continue with upgrading and expanding the mod, since our community is tremendously talented!


  • 1.9.8: Updated to the latest nightly build. Fixed Snubnose Pistol (was coded as two-handed). Fixed Elerium Mace. Desert terrain fix. Battleship fix.
  • 1.9.7: Added MiB Psi-Ops. Commendations fix (by Kjotleik).
  • 1.9.6c: Fixed faulty base map.
  • 1.9.6b: Fixed alien base spawning. Fixed hair/skin colours.
  • 1.9.6: Added Plasma Sub. Some new Polar maps. Added one Alien Base map. Fixed a bug with Alien Base terrain generation. Fixed Supply Ship maps (by Hellrazor). Additional translations by Kammerer and F.E.K.
  • 1.9.5b: Fixed missing Desert maps.
  • 1.9.5: Added Skyraider (is now starting craft). Added Dragonfly for the Men in Black. Added new city blocks by Civilian. Added new Desert blocks. Gauss Pistol fires faster. Smaller Rail clips. Fixed the Ufopaedia entry for Advanced Laser Weapons. Fixed a small error in the XBASS_09 map. Fixed a small error in the DAWNURBAN12 map. Cleared some problems with Men in Black corpses. Added Hungarian translation, by F.E.K. Two new mapblocks for Commercial terrain. Added new soldier nationalities and names.
  • 1.9.4a: Fixed Elerium Mace graphics. Fixed a missing research for Obliterator.
  • 1.9.4: Fixed SOLFOREST14 map (by Dioxine). Added Alien Subrifle. New Magnum sprite (by Yrizoud). Fixed some missing EN-US strings. Better Hybrid face, by Civilian.
  • 1.9.3c: Shotgun rebalance, to make it less accuracate on longer distances. Fixed a critical bug with the Corridor facility crashing the game.
  • 1.9.3b: New sprite for Sectoid Commander corpse (by Ivan Dogovich). Fixed some aliens not disappearing after research.
  • 1.9.3a: Fixed Obliterators not appearing in missions. Fixed descriptions on basic sniper rifles. New railgun hit animation (by pWWWa).
  • 1.9.3: Implemented Hellrazor's darkened (non-transparent) ship maps. Small update of rulesets to match the newest nightly.
  • 1.9.2: Added Corridor facility.
  • 1.9.1e: Fixed a critical bug with the Manufacture ruleset. Oops.
  • 1.9.1d: Fixed a crash on some Forest terrains.
  • 1.9.1c: Skymarshall is now actually made from alloys (credits to Xtendo-com for doing most of the work). 8 new Farm mapblocks, by Civilian. Fixed a bug with Blaster Bomb production.
  • 1.9.1b: Updated to work with nightlies past 04/09/2016
  • 1.9.1: Gave Assault Rifle a much faster aim, but slightly less accurate. Fixed LMG clip. Fixed some advanced craft appearing where they shouldn't. New Battleship variants by Cooper. New spites for the Assault Laser, more in line with other advanced lasers. Mutons sometimes get rocket hovertanks now, deal with it. Fixed Hovertank/Launcher appearing in the Ufopedia too soon. Fixed alien inventory doll issues.
  • 1.9: New Cerebreal sprites. New Salamandron corpse floorob. New sprites for Chtonites too, since I'm getting rid of all TFTD sprites (Chtonite corpse made by Bloax, cheers). Chtonite terror units are Silacoids now, since I never really liked Tunluns and Silacoids fit this race perfectly. Personal Armour takes longer to build and is more expensive. Basescape palette fixes. Advanced X-Com craft repair is faster. New Battleship maps, by Cooper. Streamlined Farm terrain. Fixed one Forest Mountain map block (mountain cave with impassable entrance). Light Machine Gun Clip size increased from 30 to 40. Changed how Tank/Minigun ammo is handled.
  • 1.8.1: Alien Laser Rifle Clip can now be used (but not manufactured) earlier. Increased firepower on Uzi and SMG. On Assault Rifle, autofire takes longer. Fixed Large Living Quarters palette (by R1dO). Fixed broken routes on some maps (with help from Hellrazor). New Reptoid sprites!
  • 1.8: Added Commendations mod. Fixed a derpy landing on Slums terrain. Alien Habitat now sells for 280000 (was 100). Added some cities and fixed Kuwait City location. Auto Cannon Alloy Ammo is less powerful. Fixed many minor errors in various rulesets. Proximity Grenade requires Motion Scanner now. Fixes to Hobbes' terrain, by Hobbes.
  • 1.7.3: Added Healing Spray, Stims and Painkillers (all sprites stolen from jackstraw2323's War of Shadows mod, though the first one was heavily altered, and floorobs were added). Updated Hobbes' terrains to the latest versions and added Slums.
  • 1.7.2: Updated to match the latest nightly. Light Pistol also has aimed shot now. HandOb for Dynamite (by Dioxine). Fixed a bug with Plasma Blade being two-handed. Sniper Rifles have dropoff 3. Fixed Anthropod melee stat (was too high).
  • 1.7.1: Added plasma blades, by pWWWa. Made the first Martian stage a bit more interesting. A small fix regarding blaster bomb production. Added a graphic file of the entire tech tree, by Meridian.
  • 1.7: Modified the tech tree to make Elerium a prerequisite to all energy stuff. Better starting Melee for X-Com units. Fixed Canadian city spelling mistakes.
  • 1.6.4: Fixed some globe map issues. New Chtonite death scream (taken from Daedalus' pack for the FMP - so I sort of canonized it). Fixed Holodrone's animation.
  • 1.6.3: Integrated Luke's Extended Terror, modified by Hellrazor (under Urban Alternative). Gauss and railgun tanks ammo is cheaper to sell now. Added a Small Scout to the Alien Terror wave. Fixed a problem with Harvester maps (by re-applying maps by Grzegorz). Fixed a bug with catching Sectoid Guardians crashing the game. Added some missing listOrder flags for sorting research items. Some UFO map fixes (by Hellrazor).
  • 1.6.2: Excavator and Labship route fixes by Hellrazor. Better autopsy pics by Mick the Mage. Updated Russian version by Kammerer.
  • 1.6.1b: Fixes. Thanks, Meridian.
  • 1.6.1: Fixed wrong clip being displayed for the Rail Rifle. Fixed a problem with incorrect laser names during research (WARNING: may require you to research them again). Fixed some incorrect Ufopaedia settings (items being shown too early). Split the ruleset by sections.
  • 1.6: Updated to the newest nightly. Additions and fixes by Hellrazor: fixed an error with Fighter and some errors with Excavators, a better route network for the Labship, Fighter and Sentry, more Labship variants. Some changes to descriptions: MiB lasers are no longer called MiB, X-Com advanced lasers are called nuclear lasers, Raiders are now called Mixed. Fixed a bug with Scatter laser not requiring Elerium. Fixed a bug with advanced lasers being displayed in Ufopaedia too early. Added a dedicated Alloy Cannon image, by Mick the Mage. Added a big mall to the Expanded Urban terrain, by Civilian.
  • 1.5.4: Some new race combinations. Improved Skymarshall (by Civilian). Russian language update (by Kammerer). Fixed broken Fusion Torch hit animation.
  • 1.5.3b: MiBs are a bit more talkative. Got rid of Chryssalids on Mars (didn't make sense) and replaced them with Muton Commanders. Beautified the horrible vanilla Grav Shield map. Added and fixed many UFO variants (by Hellrazor). Fixed some errors with the tech tree (thanks Meridian). Fixed the mess with Plasma and Fusion weapons (thanks again, Meridian). Medi-Gas is more accessible now. Some surprise changes to alien races. Two new Forest maps. Fixed the Scout Drone's Strength problem. Fixed a problem with Avenger being available too soon.
  • 1.5.2b: Skymarshall fix (by Civilian). Fighter fix. Language fixes.
  • 1.5.2: More Fighter variants (by Hellrazor). More Excavator variants and fixes (also by Hellrazor, thanks man). Fixed missing strings. Fixed missing Ufopaedia description for one vessel. Updated Russian strings (by Kammerer). Fixed some Urban routes (by Dioxine).
  • 1.5.1: Enemies should pick up weapons now. Trimmed the mod by removing unchanged vanilla maps. Fixed the super-secret mission sprite and toned down The Order members. Updated the Spanish and German translation (thanks Arrakis69ct and Buscher). Updated Hobbes' Terrain Pack to the newest version. Fixed Lab Ship map (by Hellrazor).
  • 1.5: Updated to the new Openxcom mod engine. Some more string fixes.
  • 1.4.1: String fixes.
  • 1.4b: Added the AWACS mod, by redv (Hawkeye battle map by Dioxine). Added a Gauss Defences base facility. Added an E-115 grenade for the Grenade Launcher. Made a proper Scout Drone weapon sprite. Added some missing Elerium recovery options (Plasma Sniper Rifle Clip, Elerium Bomb). Fixed a small bug regarding Dart Rifle clips research. Faster minigun bullets. Tweaked some list orders. Updated the Spanish version (by Arrakis69ct). Some fixes to the Polish version.
  • 1.3: Aliens can now use explosives from turn 1. Sniper rifles are now less accurate on extremely short distances. Fixed the ruleset to follow latest nightly.
  • 1.2.1: Fixed a bug with Tank/Cannon being ultrahyperreactive. Added some useful info to the Ufopaedia for certain items (like whether a melee weapon adds the user's Strength to damage or how many bullets auto-shot fires). Updated Hobbes' terrain pack to the newest version (3.5.2).
  • 1.2: All craft cost money now (because maintenance). Fixed the string with Stormtrooper Armour Repair. Scout Drone's Reactions brought up to 90, because it's so small and cute and inconspicuous, as well as made the smoke effect bigger. Enhanced Miniguns and Multi-Launcher. New icons for the Skymarshall (credits: Dioxine).
  • 1.1.5: Blaster Launcher requires Psionics. Updated Russian version. Fixed a bug with Toxi-Suit Ufopaedia entry. Added an Ufopaedia entry for the new alloy scatter ammo. Added research for the Sectoid Guardian. Completely redesigned Dart Rifle tech tree. Updated Spitter screams (by Robin). Swapped Firestorm and Lightning on the tech tree. Firestorm now requires Alien Electronics. Rebalanced the Scout Drone. Plasma Casters are cheaper. Fixed broken graphics for the Cydonia squad (thanks pilot00 for pointing this out).
  • 1.1: Made Alloy Cannon rounds ten times cheaper in money and twice cheaper in Alien Alloys. Increased defensive abilities of Cydonia (goddamn special Ethereals). New secret alien mission added. Increased Taser power from 38 to 44. Increased Tactical Sniper Rifle HE Ammo damage from 50 to 56, but with a small radius. Some new Ufopaedia pics for craft weapons (stolen from Piratez). Added scatter ammo made from Alien Alloys (it isn't visible in the Ufopaedia, because it's the fourth ammo type and only three are allowed). Railguns require Laser Weapons. Floater officers no longer leave separate corpses. Blocked inventory on tanks. Increased LMG's autofire range to 25. Added some missing city strings. Added special sprites for many alien ranks, made by Quinch. Fixed Skymarshall doors.
  • 1.0.4: Raven now has an upkeep cost. Added openable side doors to the flying coffi- I mean the Skymarshall. Fixed some missing weapon deployments. Updated Hobbes' terrains.
  • 1.0.3: Fixed fatal error on custom civilians dying.
  • 1.0.2: Removed the Port attack mission, because it wouldn't work right. Its maps were assigned to normal terrors. (Warning: if you have a Port attack mission, this update will likely crash the game; edit your save first.)
  • 1.0.1: Fixed the bug with Plasma Pistol not having properly limited range. Fixed a fatal crash with MiB Mansion. Fixed wrong display of the Alloy Knife. Fixed mission data (thanks, Meridian).
  • 1.0: Added Juggernaut Suit (rough shape mostly by Dioxine, worked on by Solarius Scorch, hopefully will be improved). Added Toxi Suit (by trollworkout, slightly altered by Solarius Scorch). Added some Alien Base mapblocks by Luke83 and Hellrazor. Added a new alien weapon, Alien Laser Rifle (stolen from "War of Shadows" by jackstraw2323). Added Light Pistol (stolen from Dioxine's "Piratez" mod). Added some Ufopaedia descriptions. Added many new terrains by Hobbes. New Grenade Launcher sprite (by Dioxine). Better Excavator map (by Dioxine). Increased the number of item levels in deployments from 4 to 5. Gave plasma weapons some range limits (it's plasma after all). Increased SMG autofire accuracy. Increased the Battleship map, because it was too easy to storm. Better Flamethrower and Flamethrower Tank sprites (by Gifty and Dioxine). Recoloured Armored Vest sprites by Dioxine, because he said they sucked dick. Moved armour adaptation and repair to a new "Maintenance" category. Snubnose is 1x1 now (and also sprite enhanced by Dioxine, at my request). Rebalanced all sniper rifles to make them fire for more TUs. Complicated research a little. Rearranged the Ufopaedia. Rearranged starting soldier positions in Ironfist, now the last two men are positioned next to the ladder in the back (code credits: Dioxine). Rifle fires faster in Aimed mode. Armoured Vest is way cheaper. Decreased Raven's max health. Fixed the bug with some railguns not requiring Elerium to produce. Added missing listOrder for the Synthsuit production. Fixed a crash when using the Rail Cannon. Fixed UFO not appearing on Native terrain. Aliens of the same race now should leave only one corpse type. Removed the "Alien Raid" mission. Fixed (hopefully) convoy trajectories.
  • 0.9.9: Fixed the bug with UFO not appearing on some terror maps. Fixed the bug with some items visible in the Ufopaedia too early. Expanded the Russian translation by aleksandr777. Updated the mod according to the latest changes in the game (interception timers). Removed Antarctica from the region list to avoid crashing. Fixed a British English translation bug. Improved the Alien Data Slate sprite. Introduced railguns (high-tier Gauss weapons). Fixed broken Gauss Cannon ammo selling prices. Included Alien Grenade and Proximity Grenade handobs by CryptoCactus. Included many handobs by Ivan Dogovich. Added Synthsuit (sprite by Robin). Threaded plasma HWPs now have autofire.
  • 0.9.8: Brought the mod up to the latest nightly, though it's still kind of a beta. Enhanced AK-47 and Grenade Launcher graphics (by yrizoud). Removed the CBASE option, as it was kind of unfinished. Updated Hobbes' stuff. Added some minor stuff to the urban terrain.
  • New Landmine graphics (by yrizoud). Fixed some units' height to make them not crash the newest nightly. Fixed Alien Drone hit animation.
  • 0.9.7: Some more UFO maps added from grzegorzj's Yet More UFOs! collection. Some ruleset cleanup. Laser Cyberdiscs are now orange, with orange weapon sprite. Added Medikit hand sprite by Ivan Dogovich. Added some urban map blocks I made in spare time. Using MiB armours now requires MiB Activity researched. Fixed erroneus starting ammo. Dogs have Bravery 10 now and are more expensive.
  • Minor text fixes. Cerebreal Larva crash fix.
  • 0.9.6: Added a late variant of the MiB (credits to Falko - Sectopod, Shadics - Power Suit and XOps - Stormtrooper Armour). Fixed prerequisites for Auto-Cannon and Heavy Cannon alloy clips. Armour translations stuff fix. Enhanced sprites for the Jump Armour (by Xeno Viper). Fixed a broken string for the AA Pistol Clip. TU cost for using knives is flat rate now. Laser weapons and the Fusion Torch are easier to develop. Rebalanced alien armours a little. Introduced Elerium extraction from alien clips and explosives (based on Falko's mod). Minor tweakings of alien races composition. Added Alien Raiders as a (unlikely) race for some standard missions. Fixed missing Assault Rifle description. Fixed Hovertank/Launcher Ufopedia page. Blaster Bomb costs 5 Elerium now, Fusion Ball costs 8 Elerium. Power armours and most tanks are now somewhat weaker to lasers.
  • 0.9.5: Introduced various colours of Waspites. Fixed some bugs regarding new armours. Renamed Alloy Skyranger to Skymarshall. Gauss tank shells are cheaper. Added Assault Rifle (sprites by XOps, slightly altered) which uses Rifle clips. Modified Stormtrooper Armour - new helmet and is now black. Fixed Alloy Clip for the Rifle, as it had 30 bullets instead of 20 (why nobody has noticed this?). Updated Hobbes' Mission/Terrain Pack mod. Fixed the Muton Guard crash.
  • 0.9.4: Finally coded the Alien Electronics component, necessary for building Sectopods and Stormtrooper Armours (and possibly more in the future) and only available by disassembling alien robots. Made Auto Cannon, Heavy Cannon and Proximity Mine researchable (but cheap). Added Tactical Sniper Rifle (sprite by Dioxine). Added Landmine (available to buy). Added new Stormtrooper Armour (sprites by XOps). Added Multi-Launcher (sprite provided by RSS Wizard). Added Advanced Rocket launcher (sprite ripped from Shadow Warrior, converted by Dioxine) that fires Large Rocket, Elerium Rocket (ripped from Xenonauts, converted by Dioxine) and Mind Guided Rocket (by Clownagent, formerly launched from Rocket Launcher). Added special sprites for Sectoid Commander (made by XOps), Muton Engineer (made by Dioxine) and Floater Commander. Added new Muton ranks: Praetorian and Guard (sprites by XOps). Added a machete for hybrids and other rabble (courtesy of Niculinux). Salamandron can bite now (beta feature, we'll see if it works properly). Shorter arrival time for craft cannon rounds. Alloy Sword takes more storage space. Elerium Mace a bit more accurate, but requires Alien Subjugation. Removed two faulty UFO maps. Tank/Laser Cannon is a separate (cheap) research now, because of new coding possibilities with the latest nightly that will soon be used. Updated Hobbes' Mission/Terrain Pack mod. Fixed a bug with drone smoke launcher. Fixed new UFO maps by Grzegorzj. More English fixes by Jayden.
  • 0.9.3: Changed Scatter Laser's sprites to one drawn by Rockfish, because the former will be reused as something else. Some armour stats juggling. Corpse weights adjusted. Added Alloy Vest. Added Alloy Knife. Better image for the MiB Heavy Laser (by Dioxine). Made image for the Stormlance. Toxigun Flask can now be researched without the Alien Gardens tech (but not manufactured). Updated Dioxine's Improved Living Quarters mod to the latest version. Many English fixes, by Jayden.
  • 0.9.2: Nerfed down the Absurdly Sharp Alloy Sword. Added the Laser Shotgun, by popular demand (sprite by Warboy, I think).
  • 0.9.1: Hybrid research crash fix. Ironfist map fix. Hovertanks ufopaedia entries fixed. Added Improved Living Quarters mod by Dioxine and changed starting base layout. Added Alloy Sword by NeoWorm.
  • 0.9: Rebalanced shotguns to make them more profiled. Fixed Stormlance missiles, so that they're no longer buyable. Fixed hybrids, who used to be heavily armoured for no reason. Updated Hobbes' Mission/Terrain Pack mod. Added Tactical Lightning mod by x60mmx. Added Ironfist Dropship by Solarius Scorch. Better Magnum sound.
  • 0.8: Added Armoured Vest by Robin. Added Hybrid Race and Elerium Missile by Solarius Scorch. Fixed case-sensitiveness and some other minor bugs. Fixed the Scout Drone on Linux and made a bigob for it. Updated Hobbes' Terrain Pack to include a bunch of new terrains. Lasers require Elerium now to produce. Some cleanup of maps and listOrders. Tougher aliens appear later.
  • 0.7: Added First Aid Kit and both X-Com Cyberdiscs Ufopaedia texts. Added Arthropod race by Robin. Added a missing Abductor file (OX_UFO4F.MAP). Fixed drone smoke pellets. Updated Hobbes' Terrain Pack to include the new Railyard terrain.
  • 0.6.1: Added Elerium Bomb mod by Fatrat. Adjusted list orders. Tank/Rocket Launcher has Auto Fire option (2 rockets). Tank/Cannon has explosive rounds. Fixed some vanilla missions possibly not appearing. Hobbes' Terrain Pack updated to new version. Reworked flying armours for better logic. Added a Laser Sniper Rifle.
  • 0.6: Many pictures added to the new alien research items, mostly by our very talented Vulgar Monkey. Gazer mod update. Fixed MiB tank.
  • 0.5.6b: Minor fixes.
  • 0.5.6: Men in Black updated. Labship and Sentry Ship maps fixed. Some work done on the laser tech tree.
  • 0.5.5b: Lol, forgot the floorobs for the new lasers. Fixed now.
  • 0.5.5: Added Expanded Ubase mod. Added Hazmat Armour mod. Added X-Com Cyberdisc (green sprite provided by Civilian). Changed Men in Black lasers to clip versions. Moved sprites to sprite sheets in order to save disk space and make loading faster.
  • 0.5.4b: Oops, errors in the tech tree. Download this to be able to research important stuff.
  • 0.5.4: Made personal laser/gauss weapons a bit easier to get. Adding size to X-Com corpses. Incendiary Grenades have larger blast radius. Fixed a bug with the Gauss Cannon Ufopaedia entry. Upgraded from newest versions of Hobbes' Terrain Pack and Solarius Scorch's Alien Armoury Expanded mods.
  • 0.5.3: Actually adding the slate to the aliens' inventories lol, as well as to alien computers in bases (yay, new options), listOrder fix.
  • 0.5.2: Introducing Alien Data Slates, maps update by Hobbes.
  • 0.5.1: Bringing the mod to the latest nightly build (openxcom_git_master_2014_07_03_0820) - related to the change of original tech tree, Medipack crash fix, Scout Drone now shoots in arcs.
  • 0.5: First release of the megamod.


All content belong to their respective creators, as indicated in the list of included mods. This is merely a compilation, binding this content together and balancing its stats to form a smooth gaming experience. I did what I could to credit everyone properly, but mistakes happen. If your content is here and you are not credited, please contact me and I'll fix it really fast!


  • Warboy and SupSuper, for bringing the OpenXCom project to life and suffering the modders' whining.
  • Falko, for his invaluable ruleset and sprite tools.
  • All the talented translators, including but not limited to: Aldorn, Bones, LouisdeFunes, MickTheMage, Nightwolf, Phobos2077, Arrakis69ct, Kammerer, Buscher and Rewkha.

Let us know what you think - we'll work on further improvements, after all this is the first release. But first and foremost, have fun playing this! - Solarius Scorch


  • Combat Knife, by Warboy1982 - Adds a combat knife.

  • Dart Rifle, by Solarius Scorch - Adds a ranged stun weapon.

  • Elerium Mace, by Tyran_Nick - Adds a melee stun weapon.

  • Flamethrower, by Dioxine - Adds a flamethrower (From the Piratez mod).

  • Fusion Torch, by Ran - Adds an advanced UFO cutter.

  • Gauss weapons (and a new craft cannon), by Solarius Scorch (GFX by GrandSirThebus) - Adds gauss weapons for soldiers, tanks and craft.

  • Grenade Launcher, by Warboy1982 - Adds a grenade launcher with several ammo types.

  • HMG, by Dioxine - Adds a heavy machine gun with high power, good accuracy and poor mobility.

  • Incendiary Grenade, by Simon-v - Adds incendiary grenades.

  • LMG, by Ryskeliini - Adds a light machine gun - stronger but not as precise as the rifle.

  • Magnum, by Ryskeliini - Adds a big pistol.

  • Mind Missile, by Clownagent - Adds a new rocket for the launcher that uses blaster launcher mechanics.

  • Minigun, by Solarius Scorch - Adds 3 minigun weapons and a new tank.

  • Shotgun, by Warboy1982 and Dioxine - (a patchwork of their mods) (no link available) Adds a shotgun.

  • SMG, by Ryskeliini - Adds a sub-machine gun. Brrrrrt!

  • Sniper Rifle, by toshiaki2115 - Adds a precision rifle.

  • Taser, by Ryskeliini - Adds a stun gun.

  • Alloy ammo, by Moriarty and Solarius Scorch - (no link available) Adds alien alloy ammunition for all firearms (and a new craft cannon).

  • HWP.rul, by Harry - Adds Sectopod chassis to be used by X-Com.

  • Scoutdrone.rul, by Arpia - Adds a small scouting vehicle.

  • First Aid Kit, by Yrizoud - Adds a big, heavy medikit (the vanilla medikit must be researched).

  • Plasma Beam Mod, by Solarius Scorch - Modifies Plasma Beam craft weapon so that it uses Elerium-115 as ammunition: each shot costs one Elerium. "Ammo" capacity was also decreased from 100 to 50 shots.

  • Alien Melee Stat, by Solarius Scorch - Changes Melee stats of aliens to more reasonable values.

  • Alien Armoury Expanded, by Solarius Scorch - Adds new weapons and UFOs, as well as makes the aliens retain their smaller weapons throughout the game.

  • Alien Inventory Mod, by Cyrix - Adds inventory pictures for mind-controlled aliens.

  • Laser Sectopod, by Louis de Funes - Changes Sectopod weapon description to laser, according to the lore.

  • Muton Commander, by Phaedris - Adds Muton Commanders and Muton Leaders (as in the game intro).

  • Recycled Alien Collection, by Solarius Scorch and Civilian - Adds new aliens, using recoloured sprites from X-Com: Terror from the Deep.

  • Terrain Pack, by Hobbes - Adds new terrains to fight on, as well as new alien missions.

  • Stun Grenade, by Murmur - Allows converting stun bombs to stun grenades.

  • Men in Black, by Robin - Adds a human faction to fight with.

  • Gazer Alien, by Robin - Adds a new alien race.

  • Cover Alien, by Robin - Adds a new alien race, based on the game's cover art.

  • Anthropod, by Robin - Adds a new alien race, inspired by the X-Com: Apocalypse.

  • Alloy Skyranger Mod, by Civilian - New Skyranger map (+2 capacity).

  • AlloyCrafts, by The Old One - (no link available) New variants of Interceptor and Skyranger.

  • Raven, by MickTheMage - Adds a new fighter plane.

  • Sentinel, by Warboy1982 - Adds a new fighter plane.

  • Thunder mod, by Tyran_Nick - Adds a new fighter plane.

  • Firestorm Restyle, by Shadow - Effectively, adds a new fighter plane.

  • Alien Base Cave, by Civilian - Adds a new type of alien base.

  • Alien Base Addon Terrain, by Civilian - Adds new mapblocks to the alien base.

  • Farm Addon Terrain, by Civilian - New barns and stuff.

  • Reproduction, by Warboy1982 - Allows access to the alien reproduction research topic.

  • Weapon Sound Variety, by Tarvis - Adds more varied plasma sounds.

  • Expanded Terror, by Luke83 - Adds new city mapblocks.

  • Luke's Extra UFOs, by Luke83 and TurkishSwede - Adds new UFO maps.

  • MediGas, by Roxis231 - Adds grenades to knock out aliens.

  • Grav Armors, by Clownagent, Moriarty and Solarius Scorch - Adds new flying armours, as well as mechanics for repairing damaged armours.

  • Tank.rul, by Arpia - (no link available) Adds more tank types.

  • Firestorm Gfx, by Tyran_Nick - Changes the Firestorm picture.

  • Hazmat Armour, by Solarius Scorch - Adds a fireproof armour.

  • Expanded U_Base, by Luke83 - Adds new alien base blocks.

  • Elerium Bomb, by Fatrat - Adds new ammo type for the Small Launcher.

  • Armoured Vest, by Robin (reskinned after Ryskeliini) - Adds a buyable starting armour.

  • Ironfist Dropship, by Solarius Scorch - Adds a new troop transporter.

  • Tactical Lightning, by x60mmx - Makes the Lightning a bit more useful.

  • Improved Living Quarters, by Dioxine - Adds bathrooms to Living Quarters and a new, large type of Living Quarters.

  • Alloy Sword, by NeoWorm - Adds a new melee weapon.

  • Break 2 Elerium, by Falko - Enables disassembling alien clips and explosives for Elerium.

  • Improved HandObs Pack v.1.1, by Ivan Dogovich - Adds hand objects for many vanilla items.

  • Grenade Handobs, by CryptoCactus - Adds hand objects for Alien Grenade and Proximity Grenade.

  • Toxi-Suit, by trollworkout - Adds a Toxi-Suit.

  • AWACS, by redv - Adds three radar aircraft.

  • Plasma Melee Weapons, by pWWWa - Adds a plasma knife and a plasma sword.

  • Commendations, by Shoes & Ivan Dogovich - Adds medals and decorations that are awarded to X-Com soldiers based on performance.

  • Extra Battlerships, by Cooper aka Jotai - Adds new alien Battleship maps.

  • And various graphic assets from various talented people, most notably:

    • Vulgar Monkey
    • Dioxine
    • Civilian
    • Rockfish
    • Ryskeliini
    • XOps
    • Quinch
    • Meridian (tech tree graph)
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