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Griffin Table - A jQuery table plugin

GriffinTable is a JSON based table plugin for jQuery.

Current features

Read the wiki for a more detailed introduction.

  • Uses a <form> for all submissions
  • Supports different paging methods (regular page links or a "Show more" append style paging)
  • Uses theme managers for theming
  • Built in support for jQuery UI themes.
  • Sorting
  • Advanced filtering
  • Supports templating through templateManagers, built in support for jQuery.tmpl and jsRender.
  • Generates jQueryUI dialogs for edit and deletion of rows.

ASP.NET MVC3 features

  • Html helper, three lines of code to generate a table (based on your view model)
  • Custom action result to return json easily
  • Custom view model to structure your view properly
  • Custom model to take as action parameter when searching/filtering

Installation (nuget)

Only the jQuery plugin:

install-package griffin.table

The ASP.NET MVC3 integration package:

install-package griffin.table.mvc3

More information

Read the wiki.