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A contribution project for ASP.NET MVC3

Current features

Read the wiki for a more detailed introduction.

  • A more SOLID membership provider (uses the DependencyResolver to fetch each part)
  • Easy model, view and validation localization without ugly attributes.
  • HtmlHelpers that allows you to extend them or modify the generated HTML before it's written to the view.
  • Base structure for JSON responses to allow integration between different plugins.
  • Administration area for localization administration

Installation (nuget)

// base package
install-package griffin.mvccontrib

// administration area
install-package griffin.mvccontrib.admin

// sql server membership provider (and localization storage)
install-package griffin.mvccontrib.sqlserver

// ravendb membership provider (and localization storage)
install-package griffin.mvccontrib.ravendb


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