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Generates web pages using Markdown
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This project is a web page generator that uses Markdown as the format. You can use wiki link syntax to link between different pages. It also supports editing of pages using a Markdown editor with preview support and syntax highlighting.

If you implement your repository you can also store page revisions (to get a complete wiki functionality).

Live demo which is generated from this documentation repository.



  • All basic markdown formatters.
  • Fenced codeblocks (with language specified as in Github pages)
  • Github table format
  • Links between markdown pages
  • Local images
  • Markdown editor
  • Save/Edit pages


Basic installation

install-package markdownweb

ASP.NET Mvc template

Generates a controller, a razor view and sample documentation.

install-package markdownweb.mvc5

Manual installation

The PageService is the main class which takes care of all parsing. It do however need to know how to treat links and where it can load/store pages. It do therefore have two dependencies that you need to configure first.


The abstraction for the datastorage. The built in storage is using the harddrive for storage. You should specify which directory the files can be stored in. The structure will mirror the structure you use when you create pages.


Ass the markdown pages can be placed anywhere in your web site structure the library needs to know where the pages is located to make it url independent. That transaction is handled by the IUrlConverter interface.

For instance you might have the pages in while all links in the pages are relative to the doc root (/). Thus when someone surfs to the library just want to see it as /users/create.

Complete configuration

var repository = new FileBasedRepository(@"C:\Web\MarkdownPages");
var converter = new UrlConverter(VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolutePath("~/doc/"));
var service = new PageService(repository, converter);

Then you just need to pass an url to the service:

var htmlPage = service.ParseUrl(Request.Url.AbsolutePath);

.. or just markdown:

var htmlPage = service.ParseString("/doc/", myMarkdownDocument);
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