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CoLT Licensing Information
Thanks for trying out the CoLT extension for Firefox. By using this extension,
you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
1. Non-Commercial Use Only
CoLT is a freely available extension for the Firefox web browser, and is
available for your non-commercial use only. You may not, under any
circumstances, sell CoLT.
2. Source Code Usage
The source code to CoLT is freely available, and may be used as an example of
Firefox extension development. Source code reuse is allowed, provided that:
a. The extension GUID used by CoLT is not reused.
b. Object names are modified from the CoLT-specific names (e.g. objCoLT).
c. The name "CoLT" is not used.
It is requested that attribution be given to CoLT should you decide to use
source code from CoLT in your own extension.
3. Disclaimer
The author of CoLT, Jonah Bishop, is not responsible for any harm resulting from
your use of CoLT. This extension is provided "as is" without any warranties
whatsoever. By using CoLT you are responsible for any data loss or damages to
your computer.