A handy toolkit of Perl scripts for Firefox extension developers.
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#Firefox Extension Utilities

This collection of scripts is a handy toolkit for Firefox extension developers. I created them out of frustration for doing repetitive tasks during extension development, and they have since made my life much easier. Hopefully someone else will find them just as useful. I hope to add to this toolkit as I develop scripts worth sharing.

The following scripts are currently available:


Compares all of the locales it finds against a "master" locale (en-US by default) and reports the number of exact duplicate entries for each. This is useful for figuring out which locales have not been updated.


Converts a given list of locale entities into corresponding properties. Handy for migrating existing entity localizations into a .properties file.


This script looks for entities from DTD files that aren't used anywhere in corresponding XUL files. Handy for locating strings that have been deprecated.


This script removes a given list of entries from all of the locale folders it finds in the current working directory and below. Useful for cleaning up strings that are no longer needed.

Script Usage Statements

Here is the expanded usage information for each of these scripts. Note that you should always look at the usage information for each script (with --help) to ensure what the script expects. This README file is likely to be out of date.


Script Usage:
  compareLocales.pl [Options] [Locale_Root_Directory]

This script is used to compare the locales for Firefox extensions, providing
data on how many strings are untranslated between the "master" (or root)
locale, and all others that the script finds. Useful for determining which
specific locales are not keeping up with updates. Strings that are 1 character
in length are ignored from the comparison.

At the moment, this script only works on DTD files, not .properties files

  If provided, specifies the absolute location of the 'locale' folder (defaults
  to the current working directory if not provided)
  --master LOCALE-NAME
  Sets the master locale folder to compare against; defaults to 'en-US'
  Displays the duplicate entries that are found for each locale


Script Usage:
entityToProperty.pl --input FILENAME --target FILENAME

This script converts specific, localized DTD entities into corresponding
values in a .properties file. Useful for easily moving DTD strings into a
.properties file for use in JavaScript. Note that the .properties file must
already exist (this script will not create a new file).

--input FILENAME
Specifies the filename that contains the mapping. See the section on mapping
entities below for more information.

--target FILENAME
Specifies the name of the .properties file into which the new property
entries should be placed.

Mapping Entities:
The input file should include a mapping of entities to properties, and should
be formatted as shown below:

  some.entity.id => SomeJavascriptVariable

For example:

  gblite.confirm.title => GBL_HistoryConfirmTitle

This example would make the following transformation:

  <!ENTITY gblite.confirm.title "Some string here">    <-- From some_file.dtd
  GBL_HistoryConfirmTitle=Some string here             <-- To target.properties

Example Usage:
  entityToProperty.pl --input map.txt --target myExtension.properties


Script Usage:
  findOrphanedEntities.pl [Options]
This script is used to find entities in Firefox extension locale files that are
not used anywhere in the project. Handy for determining what entities can be
dropped going forward.

At the moment, this script only works on DTD files, not .properties files

  --master LOCALE-NAME
  Specifies the name of the master locale to compare against; defaults to 'en-US'


Script Usage:
  removeLocaleEntries.pl [Options] [Entities]
  This script is used to remove specified entities from all locales in a Firefox
  extension's locale folder structure, making it very easy to remove deprecated
  strings from a project.
  A space separated list of entity IDs to be removed from the various locale
  --prefix SOME_STRING
  If specified, prepends SOME_STRING to each entity ID that needs to be removed,
  saving you from having to type the same prefix a number of times.
  --input FILENAME
  Specifies the input filename from which to read entity IDs to remove
  removeLocaleEntries.pl --prefix gblite.confirm. title label.yes ak.yes

  The above example will remove the following entities from each DTD file found
  in the project:
    * <!ENTITY gblite.confirm.title "...">
    * <!ENTITY gblite.confirm.label.yes "...">
    * <!ENTITY gblite.confirm.ak.yes "...">