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Obsidian plugin that allows users to clip parts of a website into their obsidian daily note (or new note)


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Obsidian Clipper

This plugin allows you to capture highlights from the web as Markdown entries in Obsidian.


Obsidian Clipper can be configured to write to either a daily note, weekly note, or both. I have plans to allow other locations.

If you have the Advanced Tables plugin installed, then HTML tables should be captured as markdown tables.

How to use

Documentation Site

Checkout the getting started video here.

Default Behaviour

Network Use Notice

This plugin has the ability to call out to an external service that creates a Chrome-based browser extension wrapper around the generated bookmarklet for your vault or note. The Chrome-based extension is the only way to interact with Obsidian Clipper in browsers like Arc. The code for this external service is maintained by me and can be found on Github

Chrome-based Browser Extension

Obsidian Clipper gives you the option to download a Chrome-based browser extension to use instead of the bookmarklet. This can be useful for browsers like Arc that don't support bookmarklets. Below are some the instructions on how to use the extension once downloaded.

Once the file is downloaded follow these instructions.

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Open a Chromium-based browser and navigate to the Manage Extensions... view.
  3. You will need to enable Developer mode.
  4. Once Developer mode is enabled, a Load unpacked button should become available.
  5. Click the Load unpacked button and navigate to the unzipped obsidian-clipper-extention directory and select it.

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Prior Work and Inspiration

I originally got this idea from modifying the Gist found in this Obisdian Forum post.

I used the following Obsidian Plugin repos as examples of how to accomplish my goal.

Dependencies used in development

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