A C wrapper for the NetflixRoulette API
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A cross-platform C library for the NetflixRoulette API. NetflixRouletteC uses libcurl and cJSON to retreive and parse the data from the web. You don't need to have these dependencies pre-installed; NetflixRouletteC downloads, builds, and links all dependencies for you.


#include <stdio.h>
#include "netflixroulettec.h"

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    struct nflx *movie;


    movie = nflx_get_data("House of Cards", 2013);

    if (movie == NULL)

    printf("unit: %d\n",         nflx_get_unit(movie));
    printf("show id: %d\n",      nflx_get_showid(movie));
    printf("release year: %d\n", nflx_get_release_year(movie));
    printf("show title: %s\n",   nflx_get_show_title(movie));
    printf("rating: %.1f\n",     nflx_get_rating(movie));
    printf("category: %s\n",     nflx_get_category(movie));
    printf("show cast: %s\n",    nflx_get_showcast(movie));
    printf("directory: %s\n",    nflx_get_director(movie));
    printf("summary: %s\n",      nflx_get_summary(movie));
    printf("poster: %s\n",       nflx_get_poster(movie));
    printf("media type: %s\n",   nflx_get_mediatype(movie) == NFLX_MOVIE
                                                     ? "movie" : "show");


    return 0;


You need CMake in order to build NetflixRouletteC. CMake is a cross-platform build file generator.

On Windows, use CMake to generate Visual Studio build files, or build files for your preferred IDE. You can also do this on Linux.

If you prefer Linux terminal commands and don't want to use an IDE, then run these commands to download and build NetflixRouletteC:

$ git clone https://www.github.com/jgcoded/NetflixRouletteC
$ cd NetflixRouletteC && mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ../
$ make


If you would like to contribute, fork this repository on Github, and send a pull request with your changes.