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(ns kevin.loader
"To use, download the movies, actors and actresses lists from a mirror on, and copy them (still zipped) to the data
folder. You can then run `lein run -m kevin.loader`"
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.core.async :as async :refer [chan go >! <! close!]]
[datomic.api :as d :refer [q db]]
[kevin.core :refer [eids-with-attr-val]]
[kevin.system :as system]))
(System/setProperty "datomic.txTimeoutMsec" "30000") ;; 30 seconds
(def conn nil)
(def system (system/system))
(def ^:dynamic *batch-size* 500)
(def char-quote "\"")
(def char-tab "\t")
(def genres
{"Action" :movie.genre/action
"Adult" :movie.genre/adult
"Adventure" :movie.genre/adventure
"Animation" :movie.genre/animation
"Comedy" :movie.genre/comedy
"Crime" :movie.genre/crime
"Documentary" :movie.genre/documentary
"Drama" :movie.genre/drama
"Family" :movie.genre/family
"Fantasy" :movie.genre/fantasy
"Film-Noir" :movie.genre/film-noir
"Horror" :movie.genre/horror
"Musical" :movie.genre/musical
"Mystery" :movie.genre/mystery
"Romance" :movie.genre/romance
"Sci-Fi" :movie.genre/sci-fi
"Short" :movie.genre/short
"Thriller" :movie.genre/thriller
"War" :movie.genre/war
"Western" :movie.genre/western})
(defn movie-title [^String line]
(let [tab (. line (indexOf "\t"))]
(when (not= tab -1)
(.. line (substring 0 tab) trim))))
(defn extract-year [^String movie-title]
(if-let [^String year (last (re-find #"\((\d\d\d\d).*\)$" movie-title))]
(Integer. year)))
(defn add-year [title]
(if-let [year (extract-year title)]
{:db/id [:movie/title title] :movie/year year}))
(defn add-years-to-movies [conn]
(let [tx-data (->> (q '[:find ?t
:where [?e :movie/title ?t]]
(db conn))
(map first)
(map add-year)
(filter identity))]
(doseq [batch (partition-all *batch-size* tx-data)]
(print ".")
@(d/transact conn batch))
(defn movie-line? [^String line]
(not (empty? line))
(not (.startsWith line char-quote)) ; Not a TV series
(= -1 (.indexOf line "{{SUSPENDED}}")) ; Not bad data
(= -1 (.indexOf line "(VG)")) ; Not a videogame
(= -1 (.indexOf line "V)")))) ; Not TV movie or straight to video
(defn role-line? [^String line]
(movie-line? line)
(not= -1 (.indexOf line ")"))))
(defn legit-role? [^String line]
(= -1 (.indexOf line "(archive footage)"))
(= -1 (.indexOf line "(unconfirmed)"))
(= -1 (.indexOf line "(archival"))))
(defn movie-tx [^String title]
(let [tx {:db/id (d/tempid :db.part/user)
:movie/title title}]
(if-let [year (extract-year title)]
(assoc tx :movie/year year)
(defn actor-movie-tx [actor-id title]
{:movie/title title
:db/id (d/tempid :db.part/user)
:actor/_movies actor-id})
(defn actor-tx [tuples]
(let [actor-id (d/tempid :db.part/user)]
(concat [{:db/id actor-id :person/name (ffirst tuples)}]
(map (fn [[_ movie]]
(actor-movie-tx actor-id movie)) tuples))))
(defn retract-roles [d {:keys [actor movies]}]
(->> (q '[:find ?actor ?movie
:in $ ?name [?title ...]
[?actor :person/name ?name]
[?actor :actor/movies ?movie]
[?movie :movie/title ?title]]
d actor movies)
(map (fn [[actor movie]]
[:db/retract actor :actor/movies movie]))))
(defn parse-genre [^String line]
(map #(.trim ^String %) (clojure.string/split line #"\t+")))
(defn genre-tx [line]
(let [[title genre] (parse-genre line)]
(when-let [g (genres genre)]
{:db/id (d/tempid :db.part/user)
:movie/title title
:movie/genre g})))
(defn extract-role [^String role-line]
(let [paren (. role-line (indexOf ")"))]
(.. role-line (substring 0 (inc paren)) trim)))
(defn extract-potential-roles [[actor-line & role-lines]]
(let [[actor title & rest] (clojure.string/split actor-line #"\t+")]
{:actor actor
:movies (map #(.trim ^String %) (conj role-lines title))}))
(defn parse-actor [lines]
(let [{actor :actor potential-roles :movies} (extract-potential-roles lines)
roles (map extract-role (filter #(and (role-line? %) (legit-role? %)) potential-roles))
movies (filter identity roles)]
(when (and (seq movies) actor)
{ :actor actor :movies movies })))
(defmacro ensure-transformed-file
"in and out are bound for you"
[[file outfile] & body]
`(when-not (.exists (io/as-file ~outfile))
(with-open [~'in (io/reader
( (io/input-stream ~file))
:encoding "ISO-8859-1")
~'out (io/writer ~outfile)]
(defn ensure-transformed-movies [file outfile]
(ensure-transformed-file [file outfile]
(loop [[line & lines] (drop-while #(not= % "MOVIES LIST") (line-seq in))]
(when line
(when (movie-line? line)
(when-let [title (movie-title line)]
(doto out
(.write title)
(recur lines)))))
(defn ensure-transformed-actors [file outfile & {:keys [start-at]}]
(ensure-transformed-file [file outfile]
(loop [lines (drop 3 (drop-while #(not= % start-at) (line-seq in)))]
(let [[actor-lines lines] (split-with (complement empty?) (rest lines))]
(when (seq actor-lines)
(when-let [actor-data (try (parse-actor actor-lines) (catch Throwable t nil))]
(let [{:keys [actor movies]} actor-data]
(doseq [movie movies]
(doto out
(.write actor)
(.write char-tab)
(.write movie)
(recur lines))))))
(defn ensure-transformed-genres [file outfile]
(ensure-transformed-file [file outfile]
(loop [[line & lines] (drop 3 (drop-while #(not= % "8: THE GENRES LIST") (line-seq in)))]
(when line
(when (movie-line? line)
(let [[title genre] (parse-genre line)]
(doto out
(.write title)
(.write char-tab)
(.write genre)
(recur lines)))))
(defn batch
"Returns a channel that batches entries from in"
[in timeout-ms]
(let [inner (chan 1)
splitter? (partial identical? ::split)
proc (go (loop [t (async/timeout timeout-ms)]
(let [[v c] (async/alts! [t in])]
(condp identical? c
t (do (>! inner ::split)
(recur (async/timeout timeout-ms)))
in (if (nil? v)
(close! inner)
(do (>! inner v)
(recur t)))))))
out (->> (async/partition-by splitter? inner)
(async/remove< (comp splitter? first)))]
(defn transact-all
"Returns a chan"
[tx-chan transact n]
(let [procs (map (fn [_] (go (loop []
(when-let [batch (<! tx-chan)]
(print ".")
(transact batch)
(range n))
control-chan (async/merge procs)]
(go (while (<! control-chan) true))))
(defn load-movies []
(let [work-chan (chan 128)
tx-data-chan (chan 1)
tx-chan (batch tx-data-chan 50)
control-chan (transact-all tx-chan (comp deref (partial d/transact conn)) 4)]
(dotimes [i 8]
(go (loop []
(if-let [line (<! work-chan)]
(>! tx-data-chan (movie-tx line))
(close! tx-data-chan)))))
(with-open [file (io/reader "data/movies.transformed")]
(doseq [line (line-seq file)]
(async/>!! work-chan line)))
(close! work-chan)
(async/<!! control-chan)))
(defn load-actors-from [file]
(let [line-chan (chan 128)
actor-chan (async/partition-by first line-chan)
tx-chan (chan 1)
batched-tx-chan (batch tx-chan 50)
control-chan (transact-all batched-tx-chan
(fn [batch]
@(d/transact conn (apply concat batch)))
(dotimes [i 8]
(go (loop []
(if-let [lines (<! actor-chan)]
(>! tx-chan (actor-tx lines))
(close! tx-chan)))))
(with-open [file (io/reader file)]
(doseq [line (line-seq file)]
(async/>!! line-chan (clojure.string/split line #"\t+"))))
(close! line-chan)
(async/<!! control-chan)))
(defn load-actors []
(load-actors-from "data/actors.transformed"))
(defn load-actresses []
(load-actors-from "data/actresses.transformed"))
(defn load-genres []
(let [work-chan (chan 128)
tx-data-chan (chan 1)
tx-chan (batch tx-data-chan 50)
control-chan (transact-all tx-chan (comp deref (partial d/transact conn)) 4)]
(dotimes [i 10]
(go (loop []
(if-let [line (<! work-chan)]
(when-let [tx (genre-tx line)]
(>! tx-data-chan tx))
(close! tx-data-chan)))))
(with-open [file (io/reader "data/genres.transformed")]
(doseq [line (line-seq file)]
(async/>!! work-chan line)))
(close! work-chan)
(async/<!! control-chan)))
(defn -main [& args]
(println "\nTransforming files for faster load...")
(ensure-transformed-movies "data/movies.list.gz" "data/movies.transformed")
(ensure-transformed-actors "data/actors.list.gz" "data/actors.transformed" :start-at "THE ACTORS LIST")
(ensure-transformed-actors "data/actresses.list.gz" "data/actresses.transformed" :start-at "THE ACTRESSES LIST")
(ensure-transformed-genres "data/genres.list.gz" "data/genres.transformed")
(let [system (system/start (system/system))]
(alter-var-root #'conn (constantly (:conn (:db system))))
(time (do
(println "\nLoading movies...")
(println "\nLoading actors...")
(println "\nLoading actresses...")
(println "\nLoading genres...")
(system/stop system)))