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Datamapper support #4

vitalis opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Are there a plans to release Tabletastic with Rails 3 / Datamapper support?


Great question!

Rails 3 support is in the works, on a branch called rails3. I plan on releasing the updated gem when Rails 3 itself is released. In the mean time, you could install the git repository as a plugin, and checkout that branch.

As for Datamapper, I personally have never used it, so supporting it had honestly not occurred to me. I have no plans for doing this myself, but feel free to submit a patch with tests, or just fork the project and hack away.


Is there a problem in rails 3 branch that produces 2 tables in view?


Hmm, I'll look into it.


Btw Datamapper support is very easy. Working to make it on DM side.


@gorodetsky : Any word on Datamapper support?

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