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This is a simple vim script to send portion of text from a vim buffer to a running tmux session.

It is based on slime.vim, but use tmux instead of screen. However, compared to tmux, screen doesn't have the notion of panes. So, the script was adapted to take panes into account.

Note: If you use version of tmux earlier than 1.3, you should use the stable branch. The version available in that branch isn't aware of panes so it will paste to pane 0 of the window.


You can tell tslime.vim to use the current session and current window, this let's you avoid specifying this on every upstart of vim.

let g:tslime_always_current_session = 1 let g:tslime_always_current_window = 1

These are disabled by default, meaning you will have the ability to choose from every session/window/pane combination.

Setting Keybindings

In this fork of tslime.vim, keybindings are not set automatically for you. Instead, you can map whatever you'd like to one of the plugin-specific bindings in your .vimrc file.

To get the old defaults, put the following in your .vimrc:

vmap <C-c><C-c> <Plug>SendSelectionToTmux
nmap <C-c><C-c> <Plug>NormalModeSendToTmux
nmap <C-c>r <Plug>SetTmuxVars

To send a selection in visual mode to vim, set the following in your .vimrc:

vmap <your_key_combo> <Plug>SendSelectionToTmux

To grab the current method that a cursor is in normal mode, set the following:

nmap <your_key_combo> <Plug>NormalModeSendToTmux

Use the following to reset the session, window, and pane info:

nmap <your_key_combo> <Plug>SetTmuxVars

Have a command you run frequently, use this:

nmap <your_key_combo> :Tmux <your_command><CR>

More info about the <Plug> and other mapping syntax can be found [here](\) ).