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-A small library that gives support for the G19 Keyboard.
+Libg19 is a small library based on libusb-1.0 for interacting with
+logitech G19 keyboards. If you're not a develoepr, and just looking
+to get your keyboard working with GNU/Linux, this will not be of much
+use to you.
-Current Support:
- - LCD & L-Keys : G19
- - M-Keys and G-Keys : G19
- - M-Key Lights : G19
- - Back-light Color : G19
+If you're looking to get your keyboard functional with GNU/Linux,
+checkout the kernel modules ali1234 has put together, along with
+running Gnome15.
- - libusb-1.0
+Kernel Modules:
-If you got this source code from the git or other source and it's not configured run:
+Current features:
+ - LCD and L-Keys
+ - M-Keys and G-Keys
+ - M-Key backlighting
+ - Keyboard backlighting color
-autoreconf -fi
+ - libusb-1.0
-Then you'll be able to run ./configure, make, and make install.
+To build, you should be able to just run the Makefile, assuming you
+have libusb-1.0 installed.

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