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jQuery Badge plugin

jquery-badge is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily add badges and
achievements to your website.

The plugin comes with several sample achievements and badges that you can
immediately begin using.  Developers can add new achievements and badges by
examining the sample achievements and implementing a few simple methods.

The plugin splits the process of unlocking a badge into two
components, an Achievement and a Badge.  Achievements are tasks that
users can complete to earn a Badge.  The system provides several
public APIs to list and interact with badges and achievements.


This plugin requires the jStorage local storage plugin:

Drop the jquery.badge.js file into a publicly accessible location and
include it in your web page.  The plugin must be initialized with a
list of achievements.  Each achievement is specified with a two-item
array.  The first element is the achievement function.  The second
element is an object containing options for the achievement.
Different achievements will have different options, but a common one
is a callback-function called after a badge is unlocked.  Below is an
example showing a single Achievement.


    $(document).ready(function () {
        awardBadge = function() {
          $('div#new_visitor_badge').twitter_alert({bg_colour: '#9CF',
                                                    fadeout_time: 1000,
                                                    text_colour: '#333'});

        $.fn.badge('init', {
            achievements: [ [$.fn.badge.FirstVisitAchievement,
                             { 'badge': awardBadge }]

This uses the twitter_alert jQuery plugin by Dave Earley to display
the unlocked badge.

Example achievements and badges:

Two achievements are included with the plugin.  A
FirstVisitAchievement is unlocked the first time a user visits your
site.  The RandomAchievement is unlocked randomly with a certain
probability.  Several different RandomAchievements can be included on
a site, allowing the user to uncover "items" as they browse the site.


Developers can extend the plugin with new achievements and badges.
Each achievement must implement the following properties and methods:


The Achievement function is initialized with two parameters.  The
first parameter is a badge callback function used to display the
unlocked badge.  The second parameter is an object containing
achievement-specific options.


Each achievement must provide a name property that identifies the unique name of the Achievement.


Each achievement must provide an unlockText(badge) method that returns
the unlock text for that achievement.

Badge callback

If the conditions for an Achievement are satisfied, the Achievement
function should call the badge callback function.