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Please note:

This fork of WALA is only present due to legacy reasons! Most of the features mentioned below have already been integrated into the main WALA repository or will be integrated soon. JOANA uses a new fork now (which is really a fork)!

About WALA

This is a fork of the program analysis framework WALA. The original framework can be found at and

This version is tailored for the information flow control framework JOANA. See and for details.

This fork includes some additional features:

  • null-pointer detection that removes spurious CFG edges.
  • it includes the code for a dalivk bytecode frontend copied and integrated from
  • configuration/property files are loaded from current directory, with an automatic fallback to load from .jar.
  • SDG implementation that has different edge types for control and data dependencies.
  • every SSAInstrution knows its index.
  • many other minor changes.