Example application using scala and running on Google App Engine
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This project began as a learning tool I used to learn about SBT and deploying scala applications to Google App Engine.
The notes I was taking became the content of this application. So far I have writen up the following topics:

  1. DevelopmentEnvironment Installing the tools required to set up a development environment for writing applications with Scala, SBT, Intellij and App Engine.
  2. CreateProject Creating a new project with SBT and IntelliJ integration.
  3. SimpleWebApplication Creating a simple web application and deploying it to the local development server.
  4. SomeScala Adding a scala servlet to the web application.
  5. IntroducingTextile Using textile to render HTML. Also provides an example of SBT`s dependency management.
  6. ServingMultiplePages Adding the ability to render multiple textile documents.
  7. CachingContent Using app engine`s MemCacheService API and HTTP etags to implement caching.
  8. DynamicContent Using app engine`s DataStoreService API to allow users to update content forming a basic wiki application.

Hopefully someone finds this useful.

The application is deployed here: