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Spring Initializr Resource

Tracks the available versions of Spring Boot on a given Spring Initializr instance

Source Configuration

All fields are optional and have reasonable defaults where necessary.

  • url: The base URL of the Initializr site. Must be a full URL. Defaults to

  • skip_tls_validation: If the URL is pointing to an HTTPS site and this is true, TLS certificates will not be validated. If using a url with self-signed certs, consider using ca_certs instead.

  • ca_certs: A list of PEM-encoded X509 trusted certificates that will be used to establish trust during requests

  • product_version: A regular expression to match product version e.g. 1\.15\..*. Empty values match all product versions.

  • include_snapshots: If true, include builds that end with BUILD-SNAPSHOT in addition to builds that end in RELEASE

  • https_proxy: A Proxy server URL to use for HTTPS requests. Can have a scheme of either http, https, or socks5

  • http_proxy: A Proxy server URL to use for HTTP requests. Can have a scheme of either http, https, or socks5

  • no_proxy: A comma-separated list of hosts, IPs, and domain names that do not use one of the above-mentioned proxies.


check: Watch for new versions of Spring Boot available on the initializr

Versions returned will match product_version, if set, and will only include versions that end in .RELEASE, unless include_snapshots is truthy.

in: Generate a project from the initializr

Will generate a new Spring Boot project (or build file) with the given parameters.

It will place the following files in the bucket:

  • (filename): The generated file. If type is maven-project or gradle-project, the file name will be If type is maven-build, the file will be pom.xml, and if it's gradle-build, the file will be build.gradle.

  • version: The version of Spring Boot used to generate the project

  • url: The URL used to generate the project

  • available_dependencies: A list of all libraries that can be used with this version of Spring Boot.


All fields are optional and have reasonable defaults where necessary.

  • type: The type of file to generate. Valid options are maven-project (default), gradle-project, maven-build, or gradle-build

  • dependencies: A comma-separated list of dependencies to be included in the project

  • packaging: jar or war (defaults to jar)

  • jdk_version: What version of Java to use for the project. Currently supported versions are 1.8 (default) and 10

  • language: The language to generate code in. Current options are java (default), groovy, and kotlin

  • group_id: The Maven group ID to use. Defaults to com.example

  • artifact_id: The Maven artifact ID to use. Defaults to demo.

  • version: The maven version to use (defaults to 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT)

  • name: The name of the project (defaults to demo).

  • description: The longer description of the project for the build file.

  • package_name: The Java package name for the generated code. Defaults to com.example


Because the initializr is a read-only API, so too is this resource type. If that changes, functionality will be added.

Example Configuration


- name: spring-initializr
  type: docker-image
    repository: jghiloni/spring-initializr-resource

- name: start-spring-io
  type: spring-initializr
    product_version: 1\.5\..*
    include_snapshots: false


- get: start-spring-io
    type: maven-project
    dependencies: data,web,security,actuator
    group_id: com.myco.myproject
    artifact_id: some-cool-app
    package_name: com.myco.myproject.myapp
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