A small collection of ADT templates to help quickly scaffold common Activity and UI patterns.
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ADT Templates

A small collection of ADT templates for Android development to help quickly scaffold common Activity and UI patterns.

Read more about ADT templates and their format here: https://plus.google.com/113735310430199015092/posts/XTKTamk4As8

To use these templates you will need Eclipse and ADT version 21 or above. Copy the appropriate folders into <android-sdk-folder>/extras/templates/ and they will appear in the project explorer context menu under:

New > Other... > Android > Android Object


Note that ADT templates do not manage external dependencies for you (outside of the official support library). For the Sherlock templates you should ensure your projects include the ActionBarSherlock library dependency and the application theme inherits from a Theme.Sherlock.* base before using them.


This template creates an efficient list adapter using the view holder pattern, a sample list item layout and an optional alphabetic section indexer.



DEPRECATED - use Google Maps Android API v2: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/

This template creates an API 4+ compatible map based master/detail activity using a LocalActivityManager hack to enable MapView within a support fragment. Ensure that your project builds against a Google APIs platform version before using this template.


This template creates a new class implementing Parcelable (including the required static CREATOR object boilerplate) for temporal high-performance IPC serialization and transport.


This template is an API 7+ ActionBarSherlock compatible version of the official BlankActivity template. It creates a new blank activity, with optional inner navigation (list, tabs, swipe tabs or pager strip).


This template is an API 7+ ActionBarSherlock compatible version of the official MasterDetailFlow template. It creates a new master/detail flow, which is two columns on tablets, and one column on smaller screens. This creates a master fragment, detail fragment, and two activities.

MasterDetailFlow (SlidingPaneLayout)

This template is a SlidingPaneLayout version of the MasterDetailFlow template. Creates a new master/detail flow, allowing users to view a collection of objects as well as details for each object. This flow is presented using two columns. If the combined width of the two columns exceeds the available space, then the content (detail) pane overlaps the master (list) pane. This template creates one activity, a master fragment, and a detail fragment.

Based on this blog post by Gabriele Mariotti



This template creates a new blank activity with a left navigation/action bar implementation optimized for Google TV. You can select different visual behaviors (expanded, collapsed, or expand on focus) and navigation modes (standard, tabs or list). This template has a dependency on the Google TV LeftNavBarLibrary project which is available here.



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