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GPIO PPS for Amlogic devices (ODROID C1)
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GPIO PPS for Amlogic devices (ODROID C1)

The PPS driver available in the kernel sources published by HardKernel for ODROID C1 ( lacks device tree support. I added devicetree support by pulling in support from a more recent kernel.

In addition, using GPIO devices on the ODROID C1 kernel sources, requires the user to call Amlogic-specific GPIO calls, instead of the default kernel GPIO lib.

To compile

Replace the upstream pps-gpio.c with this version and recompile your kernel.

To use

Add a similar snippet to your DTS file, and recreate a DTB for your board. This example uses header pin 12 for PPS. Refer to to find the correct gpios for your setup.

pps {
	compatible = "pps-gpio";
	gpios = "GPIOY_7";
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