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Adium Controls for Alfred

A set of AppleScripts so you can set your chat status from Alfred App. Remember, you will need Alfred and the Powerpack to use this.


To install Adium Controls for Alfred double click on each of the extension files:

  • Adium Controls - Custom Away.alfredextension
  • Adium Controls - Go Offline.alfredextension
  • Adium Controls - Go Online.alfredextension
  • Adium Controls - Set Available.alfredextension

How to use

Once installed with Alfred you can run the following commands

on                      ::  Set all appropriate accounts on "Online" and open Adium if not already open
off                     ::  Set all accounts to "Offline"
back                    ::  Set status to "Available"
away                    ::  Set status to "Away"
away l                  ::  Set status to "lunch" and start screensaver
away m                  ::  Set status to "meeting" and start screensaver
away p                  ::  Set status to "on the phone" and start screen saver
away d                  ::  Set status to "do no disturb" and start screen saver
away b                  ::  Set status to "brb" and start screensaver
away i                  ::  Set status to invisible
away my custom message  ::  Set status to "my custom message" and start screensaver


Go away Come back Log on


Adium Controls

Version History

1.1.0 - February 27, 2012###

  • Added "do not diturb", "on the phone", and invisible settings
  • Refactored code

1.0.0 - January 31, 2012###

  • Inital Release


Control Adium from Alfred App



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