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# Jehan

Jehan is a web interface which allows you to administrates severals Jenkins servers.


  • Shows in the home page all jobs KO of all Jenkins servers
  • Shows the jobs of many Jenkins servers with their name, last build status and the url to access them.
  • Shows the Jenkins servers configured in JeHan.

How to build

You require the following to build JeHan :

How to use

Configuration file

The configuration file contains the list of jenkins server consulted by Jehan.

    "instances": [
            "name": "jenkins_1",
            "url": "http://jenkins1:8180/jenkins/"
            "name": "jenkins_2",
            "url": "http://jenkins2:8280/jenkins/",
            "credentials" : {
                "login": "my_username",
                "token": "my_token"

Jehan can be connected to a secured Jenkins server. You must provide credentials for this server

  • the username
  • the API Token (see Jenkins wiki for more details)

Localization of the configuration file

The configuration file could be stored in many places :

  • anywhere and provided to Jehan with a System property : -DJEHAN.DIR=<path_to_jehan.json>
  • anywhere and provided to Jehan with an environment variable : JEHAN.DIR=<path_to_jehan.json>
  • in a directory located in the user's home directory : <user.home>/.jehan/jehan.json
  • in the WAR : WEB-INF/classes/jehan.json

Jehan locates the configuration file using these strategies in that order.