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An Erc module to replace scrolltobottom while using keep-place
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Erc ScrollToPlace

An erc module to try to emulate ‘scrolltobottom’ while keep-place is activated.


The keep-place erc module is very nice, because it let’s you find where you were when you last saw an erc buffer! It does this by moving point up one line if point is in the input bar.

However, after turning on keep-place it’s common to see something like the following:

Scrolltoplace tries to change this so you will always see the following:

Even as new messages come in, you’ll be able to see them, and point will stay were it is.

This module does not touch point at all, so once your screen fills with messages, you won’t see new ones, since doing so would require moving point.

If this annoys you, you could add a function hook to move point to point-max whenever switching away from an erc buffer.


With Melpa:

M-x package-install erc-scrolltoplace

and add this to init:

(require 'erc-scrolltoplace)
(add-to-list 'erc-modules 'scrolltoplace)

And enjoy!


Please submit issues or feature requests to this repo. Pull requests are welcome! This is a very small module, so it isn’t too hard.

Please let me know if you have any comments.


erc-scrolltoplace is licensed under the GPLv3.