An augmented reality sculpture accessible via the WWW, SMS and Mobile Devices.
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A piece of Art as big as India

An augmented reality sculpture accessible via the WWW, SMS and Mobile Devices.

To install the project locally, type the following commands:

You'll need node.js installed, I prefer to do that via Homebrew on the Mac. Once you have Homebrew installed, you can run:

  • brew install node

To install Node.js, as well as NPM (Node Package Manager).

Blog posts about the project.

Demonstration code hosted on GitHub Pages.

This project is built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The main platform I am using is A-Frame.

My development environment as follows:

  • Express – a web framework for node that enables you to write web applications – which is what I’ll need to enable users to load my sculpture and alter it themselves within a mobile webpage.
  • nodemon – tool that reloads your node server automatically when it detects any changes in your code.
  • Pug – a templating engine for node that enables you to write HTML in a simpler way, without having to worry about closing tags and other complications.
  • Less – a pre-processor for CSS that makes it much easier to use.
  • Gulp – a tool for automation that enables the automatic use of tools like Pug, Less and many others.
  • Browsersync – a tool that automatically reloads your web browser when it detects changes in your source code.
  • Browserify - a tool for bringing together lots of different JavaScript source files into one.

You can find out more about how I set up the project in the following two blog posts:

  1. Streamlining development of the project
  2. Adding Browserify to the project