Jong-Gyu Development Assistant minor mode such as TextMate minor mode or VisualAssist
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jda-minor-mode is an Emacs minor-mode written by Lee Jong-Gyu for all developers. I developed jda-minor-mode with the aim of providing developers with convenience because I had been deeply impressed by TextMate and Visual Assist. No doubt you will always enjoy writing a source code in any programming language if you use jda-minor-mode.

Quick setup

  • Download jda-minor-mode
~$ git clone git://
  • Add the following in ~/.emacs
(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/jda-minor-mode")
(require 'jda)



If there is Makefile or .xcodeproj in your project, you can build a project easily by pressing C-c c in any subdirectory of your project.

Find development doucmentation

Press C-c h at the symbol which you want to find in a development documentation(Android or Xcode).

Open a counterpart file

You can quickly open the counterpart of the current buffer by pressing C-c j p. In other words, if the current buffer is c or cpp source file, you can easily visit the header file related it by pressing C-c j p.

Find a symbol in the project

You can simply search positions which a symbol at point is used in your project by pressing C-c j s. It uses (grep-find).

Find a file in the project

You can rapidly find a file in your project by pressing C-c j f.

Visit a file in the project

You can easily open the file you want to visit in your project by pressing C-c j i or C-c i. It supports incremental search like TextMate or Visual Assist. As you type text, one or more possible matches for the text are found and immediately displayed.

Find a symbol in the project

If you want to find a symbol in your project, press C-c j s. After finding it, you can easily navigate the symbols by pressing M-g p or M-g n.

Go to a symbol in the current buffer

Press C-c j m or C-c m if you want to go to a function. You can see all functions defined in the current buffer. It supports incremental search like TextMate or Visual Assist.

Replace a string in several files

If you want to replace a string in several files, press C-c j 5 or C-c j %. You can easily replace a string in specified files in your project.

Create a TAG in your project

Press C-c j t and you can easily create TAG file in your project using 'find' and 'etags'.

Go to previous or next marker

Press C-c , to go to the previous marker and Press C-c . to go to the next marker. Press C-x <down> to save the current marker.

Highlight symbol

If you want to see highlighted symbol at point, press C-c j h. After specified idle time, the current symbol at point is highlighted. It only works in file buffer.

Insert or Delete a bracket in Objective-C mode

Press C-c ] to insert a right bracket to pair. Press C-c [ to delete left and right brackets to pair.


It is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the accompanying GPL-3.0.txt file for more details.

Bug report

Please use the issues tab to report any issues.