jGlobus is a collection of Java client libraries for Globus® Toolkit security, GRAM, and GridFTP.
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The JGlobus project aims to provide the base portions of the Globus ecosystem for the Java language.

The notable JARs part of the JGlobus project include:

  • jsse / ssl-proxies: A GSI-enabled Java trustmanager.
  • GSS: A secure sockets layer based on GSI from Globus.
  • MyProxy: Support for the MyProxy server.
  • GridFTP: Client-side GridFTP support.
  • ssl-proxies-tomcat: Utility functions for integrating the GSI-enabled trustmanager into a Tomcat container.
  • axis: Axis 1.4 support for the GSI-enabled trustmanager.

Release Notes

JGlobus 2.0.6 Release Notes

  • This release now includes MyProxy JGlobus 2.0 fixes from CILogon CVS.
  • Uses org.bouncycastle.util.encoders.Base64 instead of org.globus.util.Base64.
  • Support list of MyProxy server hostnames/ports.
  • force GSS confidentiality.
  • handle multiple authz challenge options.
  • remove very old deprecated API.
  • Bug fix for issue – https://github.com/jglobus/JGlobus/issues/102.
  • This release is verified to work with XSEDE Myproxy Server, GridFTP and GRAM deployments.

JGlobus 2.0.5 Release Notes

  • This is the first release from github and distributed through Maven central, as opposed to globus.org
  • This release addresses compatibility and performance issues with the IGTF CA bundle.
  • Several forward-ports of bugs reported by dCache.org. In particular, a larger set of RDN are supported.
  • CRLs are properly cached and reloaded, essential for running JGlobus as a trustmanager of a Java container.

jGlobus 2.0.4 Core Release Notes

  • This release addresses internal security vulnerabilities that were identified in internal reviews in collaboration with the MyProxy team at NCSA.
  • GSS Tomcat support was moved into its own Maven project.

jGlobus 2.0.3 Core Release Notes

  • caGrid changes introduced in 2.0.2 were backed-out due to incompabilities discovered between those changes and the changes GSSContextImpl.

jGlobus 2.0.2 Core Release Notes

  • Password fix to GSSContextImpl.java and additional contributions from caGrid.

jGlobus 2.0.1 Core Release Notes

  • jGlobus 2.0.1 Core (download) is a bug-fix release that addresses an issue with signature verification.
  • This issue was discovered and addresses by Jonathan Siwek at NCSA. Details of this fix can be found at https://github.com/jglobus/JGlobus/pull/10.

jGlobus 2.0.0 All Release Notes

  • jGlobus 2.0.0 (download) replaces the use of pureTLS, as was used in jGlobus 1.x, with JSSE.
    • While this resulted in minor changes to the GSI API, the GRAM and GridFTP packages remain unchanged from jGlobus 1.X.
  • A secondary goal was to drop or deprecated packages that are not strictly related to the use of Globus Toolkit.
    • This includes, for example, the removal of the MDS package, as MDS is no longer supported in Globus Toolkit 5.X.
  • jGlobus now requires Java 1.5 or higher.