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About the Site

This site is my personal home on the World Wide Intarnetz™. I write about stuff, I link to other stuff, and I showcase stuff I've done/built/designed. It's purely personal in nature and does not necessarily reflect the views of my wonderful employer, my Murica, my tattoo artist, my barber or my neighbor's dog. But it's where I represent, yo!

It lives here:

For more about the latest iteration, read this blog post:

Many of the post images are retouched versions of photos I found at Unsplash. If you are looking for great photos to use on your own blog, they have a great collection all free for public use.

Running locally

  1. Clone locally via GitHub Desktop, or via CLI: git clone
  2. Install dependencies: bundle install
  3. Run the Jekyll Server: bundle exec jekyll serve
  4. View in browser at http://localhost:4000


Feel free to inspect the code structure, and reuse what is appropriate. But please respect that the files in the following directories are Copyright Joel Andrew Glovier. You may not reuse anything therein without my written permission:

  • _posts/
  • post-images/
  • img/
  • fonts/ (these fonts are licensed only for my own use)

All other directories and files are MIT Licensed (where applicable).

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