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_ mathML:
_ arrays
_ bibliography w/ citeproc
_ whitespace parser?
_ outer shell - preamble stuff, css, encoding, etc.
_ \index also in HTML!
_ add accented character commands to standard parsers
_ jail for IO?
_ figure out how to do verbatims
_ syntactic macros (why not? in many cases going to Haskell is overkill)
_ hexto?
\title{This is my document!}
Here's my \emph{text}.
import Text.HeX
main = defaultMain parsers
hexto html /dir/my.hex:
- looks for /dir/my.hex
- if found, looks for /dir/my.hs
- else error
- if found, runs it with: 'runghc $OPTS /dir/my.hs html',
taking input from /dir/my.hex, output to --output file
if specified or stdout
- else create it using default, then run as above