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citeproc is a standalone program that uses Andrea Rossato's citeproc-hs to generate citations and a bibliography, given a database of bibliographic references and a CSL stylesheet. The idea is to make it possible for non-Haskell programs to use this excellent tool.


citeproc stylefile.csl bibliofile.bib
  • The bibliography file can be in any of the formats that bibutils supports.
  • The program reads JSON from stdin and writes JSON to stdout.


The input is a JSON array of citations. A citation is a JSON array of cites. A cite is a JSON object describing one source. Fields can include:

  • id (string)
  • prefix (string or array)
  • suffix (string or array)
  • label (string)
  • locator (string)
  • position (string)
  • near_note (boolean)
  • suppress_author (boolean)
  • author_in_text (boolean)

id must be included; the rest are optional.

Sample input:

 [[{"id":"item1","suffix":"test"}, {"id":"item2", "label":"chapter", "locator":"15", "suffix":["et ",["EMPH","passim"]]}],[{"id":"item3","author_in_text":true}]]

Note that prefix and suffix can be either plain strings or formatting text--a JSON array consisting of plain strings or arrays in which the first string is a formatting instruction: EMPH, STRONG, SMALLCAPS, STRIKEOUT, SUPERSCRIPT, SUBSCRIPT, NOTE.


The output is a JSON object with three fields:

  • citations is a JSON array consisting of a list of citations. Each citation is a JSON array representing formatted text as described above.

  • bibliography is a JSON array consisting of a list of bibliographic items. Each item is a JSON array representing formatted text as described above.

Sample output:

{"citations":[["(Doe 2005 test; Doe 2006, 15et ",["EMPH",["passim"]],")"],["Doe and Roe(2007)"]],"bibliography":[["Doe, John. 2005. ",["EMPH",["First Book"]],". Cambridge: Cambridge University Press."],["———. 2006. Article. ",["EMPH",["Journal of Generic Studies"]]," ","6: 33-34."],["Doe, John, and Jenny Roe. 2007. Why Water Is Wet. In ",["EMPH",["Third Book"]],", ed. Sam Smith. Oxford: Oxford University Press."]],"citation_type":"in-text"}

Installing citeproc

Change to the source directory and:

cabal install