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1 parent e754fc2 commit a8200020471d739a766bfe4af1e5bc4723120c41 John MacFarlane committed Sep 27, 2011
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Name: citeproc
Version: 0.1
Synopsis: Command-line interface to citeproc-hs
--- Description:
+Description: citeproc is a standalone program that uses
+ Andrea Rossato's citeproc-hs library
+ to generate citations and a bibliography, given
+ a database of bibliographic references and a CSL
+ stylesheet. The idea is to make it possible for
+ non-Haskell programs to use this excellent tool.
License: BSD3
License-file: LICENSE
Author: John MacFarlane
--- Copyright:
+Copyright: Copyright (C) 2011 John MacFarlane
Category: Text
Build-type: Simple
--- Extra files to be distributed with the package, such as examples or
--- a README.
--- Extra-source-files:
Cabal-version: >=1.2
Executable citeproc

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