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1 parent caf8a78 commit 6ba4f50b89886580db79d5f91e839ec7930a3049 @jgm committed Sep 2, 2011
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+" Help extensions for luarefvim
+" This is somewhat based on CRefVim
+" Maintainer: Luis Carvalho <>
+" Last Change: May, 26, 2005
+" Version: 0.1
+" add three syntax classes: bold, emph (italic) and code -- similarly to html
+syn match helpIgnoreBold "#[a-zA-Z0-9&()\`\'\"\-\+\*=\[\]\{\}\.,;: ]\+#" contains=helpMatchBold
+syn match helpMatchBold "[a-zA-Z0-9&()\`\'\"\-\+\*=\[\]\{\}\.,;: ]\+" contained
+syn match helpIgnoreEmph "@[a-zA-Z0-9&()\`\'\"\-\+\*=\[\]\{\}\.,;: ]\+@" contains=helpMatchEmph
+syn match helpMatchEmph "[a-zA-Z0-9&()\`\'\"\-\+\*=\[\]\{\}\.,;: ]\+" contained
+" this match is the same as in CRefVim's help.vim (that is, uses $$):
+" the idea is to keep some degree of portability.
+syn match helpIgnoreCode "\$[a-zA-Z0-9@\\\*/\._=()\-+%<>&\^|!~\?:,\[\];{}#\`\'\" ]\+\$" contains=helpMatchCode
+syn match helpMatchCode "[a-zA-Z0-9@\\\*/\._=()\-+%<>&\^|!~\?:,\[\];{}#\`\'\" ]\+" contained
+" syn high links
+hi def link helpIgnoreBold Ignore
+hi def link helpIgnoreEmph Ignore
+hi def link helpIgnoreCode Ignore
+hi def link helpMatchBold Function
+hi def link helpMatchEmph Special
+hi def link helpMatchCode Comment
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