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+;; pandoc-mode.el v0.1.6
+;; Copyright (c) 2009 Joost Kremers
+;; All rights reserved.
+;; Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
+;; modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
+;; are met:
+;; 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
+;; notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
+;; 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
+;; notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
+;; documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
+;; 3. The name of the author may not be used to endorse or promote products
+;; derived from this software without specific prior written permission.
+(require 'easymenu)
+(defmacro nor (&rest args)
+ "Returns T if none of its arguments are true."
+ `(not (or ,@args)))
+(defgroup pandoc nil "Minor mode for interacting with pandoc." :group 'Wp)
+(defcustom pandoc-binary "/usr/bin/pandoc"
+ "*The full path of the pandoc binary."
+ :group 'pandoc
+ :type 'file)
+(defcustom pandoc-markdown2pdf-script "/usr/bin/markdown2pdf"
+ "*The full path of the markdown2pdf script."
+ :group 'pandoc
+ :type 'file)
+(defcustom pandoc-directives '(("include" . pandoc-process-include-directive)
+ ("lisp" . pandoc-process-lisp-directive))
+ "*List of directives to be processed before pandoc is called.
+The directive must be given without `@@'; the function should
+return a string that will replace the directive and its
+argument (if any).
+The directives are processed in the order in which they appear in
+this list. If a directive produces output that contains another
+directive, the new directive will only be processed if it is of
+the same type (i.e., an @@include directive loading a text that
+also contains @@include directives) or if it is lower on the
+list, not if it appears higher on the list."
+ :group 'pandoc
+ :type '(alist :key-type (string :tag "Directive") :value-type function))
+(defcustom pandoc-directives-hook nil
+ "*List of functions to call before the directives are processed."
+ :group 'pandoc
+ :type '(repeat function))
+(defvar pandoc-major-modes
+ '((haskell-mode . "native")
+ (text-mode . "markdown")
+ (markdown-mode . "markdown")
+ (rst-mode . "rst")
+ (html-mode . "html")
+ (latex-mode . "latex")))
+(defvar pandoc-input-formats
+ '("native"
+ "markdown"
+ "rst"
+ "html"
+ "latex")
+ "List of pandoc input formats.")
+(defvar pandoc-output-formats
+ '(("native" . ".hs")
+ ("markdown" . ".text")
+ ("rst" . ".rst")
+ ("html" . ".html")
+ ("latex" . ".tex")
+ ("context" . ".tex")
+ ("man" . "")
+ ("mediawiki" . ".mw")
+ ("texinfo" . ".texi")
+ ("docbook" . ".xml")
+ ("opendocument" . ".odf")
+ ("odt" . ".odt")
+ ("s5" . ".html")
+ ("rtf" . ".rtf"))
+ "List of pandoc output formats plus file extensions.")
+(defvar pandoc-switches
+ '(standalone tab-stop
+ preserve-tabs reference-links
+ strict smart
+ parse-raw jsmath
+ latexmathml mimetex
+ gladtex number-sections
+ incremental sanitize-html
+ no-wrap table-of-contents css
+ email-obfuscation include-before-body
+ include-in-header custom-header title-prefix
+ include-after-body)
+ "List of switches accepted by the pandoc binary. Switches that
+ need special treatment (--read, --write and --output) are not
+ in this list.")
+(defvar pandoc-binary-switches
+ '(("gladTeX" . gladtex)
+ ("Incremental" . incremental)
+ ("No Wrap" . no-wrap)
+ ("Number Sections" . number-sections)
+ ("Parse Raw" . parse-raw)
+ ("Preserve Tabs" . preserve-tabs)
+ ("Reference Links" . reference-links)
+ ("Sanitize HTML" . sanitize-html)
+ ("Smart" . smart)
+ ("Standalone" . standalone)
+ ("Strict" . strict)
+ ("Table of Contents" . table-of-contents)))
+(defvar pandoc-options
+ '((read) ; see pandoc-input-formats
+ (read-lhs) ; input is literal Haskell
+ (write . "native") ; see pandoc-output-formats
+ (write-lhs) ; output is literal Haskell
+ (output) ; a string
+ ; NIL means stdout (redirected to a temp buffer)
+ ; T means create output filename on the basis of
+ ; the input file name and the output format.
+ (css) ; a file or NIL
+ (include-in-header) ; a file or NIL
+ (include-before-body) ; a file or NIL
+ (include-after-body) ; a file or NIL
+ (custom-header) ; a file or NIL
+ (tab-stop) ; an integer or NIL
+ (title-prefix) ; a string or NIL
+ (latexmathml) ; a string or NIL
+ (jsmath) ; a string or NIL
+ (mimetex) ; a string, NIL or T
+ (email-obfuscation) ; nil (="none"), "javascript" or "references"
+ (gladtex) ; NIL, T
+ (incremental) ; NIL, T
+ (no-wrap) ; NIL, T
+ (number-sections) ; NIL, T
+ (parse-raw) ; NIL, T
+ (preserve-tabs) ; NIL, T
+ (reference-links) ; NIL, T
+ (sanitize-html) ; NIL, T
+ (smart) ; NIL, T
+ (standalone) ; NIL, T
+ (strict) ; NIL, T
+ (table-of-contents) ; NIL, T
+ ;; this is not actually a pandoc option:
+ (output-dir)) ; a string; NIL means use input directory.
+ "Pandoc option alist.")
+(defvar pandoc-local-options nil "A buffer-local variable holding a file's pandoc options.")
+(make-variable-buffer-local 'pandoc-local-options)
+(defvar pandoc-project-options nil "A buffer-local variable holding a file's project options.")
+(make-variable-buffer-local 'pandoc-project-options)
+(defvar pandoc-settings-modified-flag nil "T if the current settings were modified and not saved.")
+(make-variable-buffer-local 'pandoc-settings-modified-flag)
+(defvar pandoc-output-buffer (get-buffer-create " *Pandoc output*"))
+(defvar pandoc-mode-map
+ (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+ (define-key map "\C-c/r" 'pandoc-run-pandoc)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/p" 'pandoc-run-markdown2pdf)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/s" 'pandoc-save-settings-file)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/Ps" 'pandoc-save-project-file)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/Pu" 'pandoc-undo-file-settings)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/w" 'pandoc-set-write)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/v" 'pandoc-view-output)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/V" 'pandoc-view-settings)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oo" 'pandoc-set-output)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oc" 'pandoc-set-css)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oH" 'pandoc-set-include-in-header)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oB" 'pandoc-set-include-before-body)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oA" 'pandoc-set-include-after-body)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oC" 'pandoc-set-custom-header)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oT" 'pandoc-set-title-prefix)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/ot" 'pandoc-set-tab-stop)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/om" 'pandoc-set-latexmathml)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oj" 'pandoc-set-jsmath)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oM" 'pandoc-set-mimetex)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oe" 'pandoc-set-email-obfuscation)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/oD" 'pandoc-set-output-dir)
+ (define-key map "\C-c/t" 'pandoc-toggle-interactive)
+ map)
+ "Keymap for pandoc-mode.")
+(define-minor-mode pandoc-mode
+ "Minor mode for interacting with Pandoc."
+ :init-value nil :lighter (:eval (concat " Pandoc/" (pandoc-get 'write))) :global nil
+ (setq pandoc-local-options (copy-alist pandoc-options))
+ (pandoc-set 'read (cdr (assq major-mode pandoc-major-modes)))
+ (setq pandoc-settings-modified-flag nil))
+(defun turn-on-pandoc ()
+ "Unconditionally turn on pandoc-mode."
+ (interactive)
+ (pandoc-mode 1))
+(defun turn-off-pandoc ()
+ "Unconditionally turn off pandoc-mode"
+ (interactive)
+ (pandoc-mode -1))
+(defun conditionally-turn-on-pandoc ()
+ "Turn on pandoc-mode if a pandoc settings file exists.
+This is for use in major mode hooks."
+ (when (file-exists-p (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'settings (buffer-file-name) "default"))
+ (turn-on-pandoc)))
+(defun pandoc-set (option value)
+ "Sets the local value of OPTION to VALUE."
+ (when (assq option pandoc-local-options)
+ (setcdr (assq option pandoc-local-options) value)
+ (setq pandoc-settings-modified-flag t)))
+(defun pandoc-set* (option value)
+ "Sets the project value of OPTION to VALUE."
+ (when (assq option pandoc-project-options)
+ (setcdr (assq option pandoc-project-options) value)
+ (setq pandoc-settings-modified-flag t)))
+(defun pandoc-get (option &optional buffer)
+ "Returns the local value of OPTION."
+ (cdr (assq option (if buffer
+ (buffer-local-value 'pandoc-local-options buffer)
+ pandoc-local-options))))
+(defun pandoc-get* (option)
+ "Returns the project value of OPTION."
+ (cdr (assq option pandoc-project-options)))
+(defun pandoc-toggle (option)
+ "Toggles the local value of an on/off option."
+ (pandoc-set option (not (pandoc-get option))))
+(defun pandoc-toggle* (option)
+ "Toggles the project value of an on/off option."
+ (pandoc-set* option (not (pandoc-get* option))))
+(defun pandoc-create-settings-filename (type filename output-format)
+ "Create a settings filename.
+TYPE is the type of settings file, either 'settings or 'project.
+FILENAME should be an absolute filename, the return value is an
+absolute filename as well."
+ (cond
+ ((eq type 'settings)
+ (concat (file-name-directory filename) "." (file-name-nondirectory filename) "." output-format ".pandoc"))
+ ((eq type 'project)
+ (concat (file-name-directory filename) "Project." output-format ".pandoc"))))
+(defun pandoc-create-command-option-list (input-file &optional pdf)
+ "Create a list of strings with pandoc switches for the current buffer.
+INPUT-FILE is the name of the input file. If PDF is non-nil, an
+output file is always set, derived either from the input file or
+from the output file set for the \"latex\" output profile, and
+gets the suffix `.pdf'. If the output format is \"odt\" but no
+output file is specified, one will be created, since pandoc does
+not support output to stdout for odt."
+ (let ((read (format "--read=%s%s" (pandoc-get 'read) (if (pandoc-get 'read-lhs) "+lhs" "")))
+ (write (if pdf
+ nil
+ (format "--write=%s%s" (pandoc-get 'write) (if (pandoc-get 'write-lhs) "+lhs" ""))))
+ (output (cond
+ ((or (eq (pandoc-get 'output) t) ; if the user set the output file to T
+ (and (null (pandoc-get 'output)) ; or if the user set no output file but either
+ (or pdf ; (i) we're running markdown2pdf, or
+ (string= (pandoc-get 'write) "odt")))) ; (ii) the output format is odt
+ (format "--output=%s/%s%s" ; we create an output file name.
+ (or (pandoc-get 'output-dir)
+ (file-name-directory input-file))
+ (file-name-sans-extension (file-name-nondirectory input-file))
+ (if pdf
+ ".pdf"
+ (cdr (assoc (pandoc-get 'write) pandoc-output-formats)))))
+ ((stringp (pandoc-get 'output)) ; if the user set an output file,
+ (format "--output=%s/%s" ; we combine it with the output directory
+ (or (pandoc-get 'output-dir)
+ (file-name-directory input-file))
+ (if pdf ; and check if we're running markdown2pdf
+ (concat (file-name-sans-extension (pandoc-get 'output)) ".pdf")
+ (pandoc-get 'output))))
+ (t nil)))
+ (other-options (mapcar #'(lambda (switch)
+ (let ((value (pandoc-get switch)))
+ (cond
+ ((eq value t) (format "--%s" switch))
+ ((stringp value) (format "--%s=%s" switch value))
+ (t nil))))
+ pandoc-switches)))
+ (delq nil (append (list read write output) other-options))))
+(defun pandoc-process-directives ()
+ "Processes pandoc-mode @@-directives in the current buffer."
+ (interactive)
+ (mapc #'funcall pandoc-directives-hook)
+ (let ((case-fold-search nil))
+ (mapc #'(lambda (directive)
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (while (re-search-forward (concat "\\([\\]?\\)@@" (car directive)) nil t)
+ (if (string= (match-string 1) "\\")
+ (delete-region (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1))
+ (let ((@@-beg (match-beginning 0))
+ (@@-end (match-end 0)))
+ (cond
+ ((eq (char-after) ?{) ; if there is an argument
+ ;; note: point is on the left brace, while scan-lists
+ ;; returns the position *after* the right brace, so we
+ ;; need to adjust to get the actual argument.
+ (let* ((arg-beg (1+ (point)))
+ (arg-end (1- (scan-lists (point) 1 0)))
+ (text (buffer-substring-no-properties arg-beg arg-end)))
+ (goto-char @@-beg)
+ (delete-region @@-beg (1+ arg-end))
+ (insert (funcall (cdr directive) text)))
+ (goto-char @@-beg))
+ ((looking-at "[a-zA-Z0-9]") t) ; this means we're actually
+ ; dealing with a different directive
+ (t (goto-char @@-beg)
+ (delete-region @@-beg @@-end) ; else there is no argument
+ (insert (funcall (cdr directive)))
+ (goto-char @@-beg)))))))
+ pandoc-directives)))
+(defun pandoc-process-lisp-directive (lisp)
+ "Process @@lisp directives."
+ (format "%s" (eval (car (read-from-string lisp)))))
+(defun pandoc-process-include-directive (include-file)
+ "Process @@include directives."
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (insert-file-contents include-file)
+ (buffer-string)))
+(defun pandoc-call-external (buffer output-format &optional pdf)
+ "Call pandoc on the current document.
+This function creates a temporary buffer and sets up the required
+local options. BUFFER is the buffer whose contents must be sent
+to pandoc. Its contents is copied into the temporary buffer, the
+@@-directives are processed, after which pandoc called.
+OUTPUT-FORMAT is the format to use. If nil, BUFFER's output
+format is used.
+If PDF is non-nil, markdown2pdf is called instead of pandoc."
+ (let ((filename (buffer-file-name buffer))
+ (command (if pdf pandoc-markdown2pdf-script pandoc-binary)))
+ (with-temp-buffer ; we do this in a temp buffer so we can process @@-directives without having to undo them.
+ (if (and output-format ; if an output format was provided (and the buffer is visiting a file)
+ filename) ; we want to use settings for that format or no settings at all.
+ (unless (pandoc-load-settings-for-file (expand-file-name filename) output-format t)
+ (setq pandoc-local-options (copy-alist pandoc-options)
+ pandoc-project-options (copy-alist pandoc-options))
+ (pandoc-set 'write output-format)
+ (pandoc-set 'read (pandoc-get 'read buffer)))
+ (setq pandoc-local-options (buffer-local-value 'pandoc-local-options buffer))
+ (setq pandoc-project-options (buffer-local-value 'pandoc-project-options buffer)))
+ (let ((option-list (pandoc-create-command-option-list filename pdf)))
+ (insert-buffer-substring-no-properties buffer)
+ (message "Running %s..." (file-name-nondirectory command))
+ (pandoc-process-directives)
+ (with-current-buffer pandoc-output-buffer
+ (erase-buffer)
+ (insert (format "Running `%s %s'\n\n" (file-name-nondirectory command) (mapconcat #'identity option-list " "))))
+ (if (= 0 (apply 'call-process-region (point-min) (point-max) command nil pandoc-output-buffer t option-list))
+ (message "Running %s... Finished." (file-name-nondirectory command))
+ (message "Error in %s process." (file-name-nondirectory command))
+ (display-buffer pandoc-output-buffer))))))
+(defun pandoc-run-pandoc (prefix)
+ "Run pandoc on the current document.
+If called with a prefix argument, the user is asked for an output
+format. Otherwise, the output format currently set in the buffer
+is used."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-call-external (current-buffer)
+ (if prefix
+ (completing-read "Output format to use: " pandoc-output-formats nil t)
+ nil)))
+(defun pandoc-run-markdown2pdf (prefix)
+ "Run markdown2pdf on the current document.
+If there is a settings and/or project file for LaTeX output, the
+options in them are used. If called with a prefix argument,
+however, no check for the existence of LaTeX settings is made and
+the buffer's current settings are used."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-call-external (current-buffer)
+ (if prefix nil "latex")
+ t))
+(defun pandoc-set-default-format ()
+ "Sets the current output format as default.
+This is done by creating a symbolic link to the relevant settings
+files. (Therefore, this function is not available on Windows.)"
+ (interactive)
+ (if (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
+ (message "This option is not available on MS Windows")
+ (let ((current-settings-file (file-name-nondirectory (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'settings (buffer-file-name) (pandoc-get 'write))))
+ (current-project-file (file-name-nondirectory (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'project (buffer-file-name) (pandoc-get 'write)))))
+ (when (not (file-exists-p current-settings-file))
+ (pandoc-save-settings 'settings (pandoc-get 'write)))
+ (make-symbolic-link current-settings-file (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'settings (buffer-file-name) "default") t)
+ (when (file-exists-p current-project-file)
+ (make-symbolic-link current-project-file (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'project (buffer-file-name) "default") t))
+ (message "`%s' set as default output format." (pandoc-get 'write)))))
+(defun pandoc-save-settings-file ()
+ "Save the settings of the current buffer.
+This function just calls pandoc-save-settings with the
+appropriate output format."
+ (interactive)
+ (pandoc-save-settings 'settings (pandoc-get 'write)))
+(defun pandoc-save-project-file ()
+ "Save the current settings as a project file.
+In order to achieve this, the current local settings are copied
+to the project settings."
+ (interactive)
+ (setq pandoc-project-options (copy-alist pandoc-local-options))
+ (pandoc-save-settings 'project (pandoc-get 'write)))
+(defun pandoc-save-settings (type format &optional no-confirm)
+ "Save the settings of the current buffer for FORMAT.
+TYPE must be a quoted symbol and specifies the type of settings
+file. If its value is 'settings, a normal settings file is
+created for the current file. If TYPE's value is 'project, a
+project settings file is written. If optional argument NO-CONFIRM
+is non-nil, any existing settings file is overwritten without
+ (let ((settings-file (pandoc-create-settings-filename type (buffer-file-name) format))
+ (filename (buffer-file-name))
+ ;; If TYPE is 'settings, we only need the options in
+ ;; pandoc-local-options that differ from pandoc-project-options. Note
+ ;; that we convert all values to strings, so that options that are nil
+ ;; in pandoc-local-options but non-nil in pandoc-project-options are
+ ;; also saved below.
+ (options (cond ((eq type 'settings) (delq nil (mapcar #'(lambda (option)
+ (when (not (equal (pandoc-get option)
+ (pandoc-get* option)))
+ (cons option (format "%s" (pandoc-get option)))))
+ (mapcar #'car pandoc-options))))
+ ((eq type 'project) pandoc-project-options))))
+ (if (and (not no-confirm)
+ (file-exists-p settings-file)
+ (not (y-or-n-p (format "%s file `%s' already exists. Overwrite? "
+ (capitalize (symbol-name type))
+ (file-name-nondirectory settings-file)))))
+ (message "%s file not written." (capitalize (symbol-name type))))
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (insert (format "# pandoc-mode %s file for %s #\n"
+ type
+ (file-name-nondirectory filename))
+ (format "# saved on %s #\n\n" (format-time-string "%Y.%m.%d %H:%M")))
+ (pandoc-insert-options options)
+ (let ((make-backup-files nil))
+ (write-region (point-min) (point-max) settings-file))
+ (message "%s file written to `%s'." (capitalize (symbol-name type)) (file-name-nondirectory settings-file)))
+ (setq pandoc-settings-modified-flag nil)))
+(defun pandoc-insert-options (options)
+ "Insert OPTIONS in the current buffer.
+Options are written out in the format <option>::<value>."
+ (mapc #'(lambda (option)
+ (when (cdr option)
+ (insert (format "%s::%s\n" (car option) (cdr option)))))
+ options))
+(defun pandoc-undo-file-settings ()
+ "Undo all settings specific to the current file.
+Project settings associated with the current file are kept."
+ (interactive)
+ (setq pandoc-local-options (copy-alist pandoc-project-options))
+ (message "Local file settings undone for current session. Save local settings to make persistent."))
+(defun pandoc-load-default-settings ()
+ "Load the default settings of the file in the current buffer.
+This function is for use in pandoc-mode-hook."
+ (pandoc-load-settings-profile "default"))
+(defun pandoc-load-settings-profile (format &optional no-confirm)
+ "Load the options for FORMAT from the corresponding settings file.
+If NO-CONFIRM is t, no confirmation is asked if the current
+settings have not been saved."
+ (when (buffer-file-name)
+ (pandoc-load-settings-for-file (expand-file-name (buffer-file-name)) format no-confirm)))
+(defun pandoc-load-settings-for-file (file format &optional no-confirm)
+ "Load the options for FILE.
+Both the file's own settings file and the directory's project
+file are read, if they exist. If NO-CONFIRM is t, no confirmation
+is asked if the current settings have not been saved. FILE must
+be an absolute path name. Returns NIL if no settings or project
+file is found for FILE, otherwise non-NIL."
+ (when (and (not no-confirm)
+ pandoc-settings-modified-flag
+ (y-or-n-p (format "Current settings for format \"%s\" modified. Save first? " (pandoc-get 'write))))
+ (pandoc-save-settings (pandoc-get 'write) t))
+ (let ((project-settings (pandoc-read-settings-from-file (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'project file format)))
+ (local-settings (pandoc-read-settings-from-file (pandoc-create-settings-filename 'settings file format))))
+ (unless (nor project-settings local-settings)
+ (setq pandoc-project-options (copy-alist pandoc-options)
+ pandoc-local-options (copy-alist pandoc-options))
+ (mapc #'(lambda (option)
+ (pandoc-set (car option) (cdr option))
+ (pandoc-set* (car option) (cdr option)))
+ project-settings)
+ ;; the local settings are processed second, so that they can override the
+ ;; project settings.
+ (mapc #'(lambda (option)
+ (pandoc-set (car option) (cdr option)))
+ local-settings)
+ (setq pandoc-settings-modified-flag nil)
+ (message "Settings loaded for format \"%s\"." format))))
+(defun pandoc-read-settings-from-file (settings-file)
+ "Read the options in SETTINGS-FILE.
+Returns an alist with the options and their values."
+ (when (file-readable-p settings-file)
+ (let (options)
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (insert-file-contents settings-file)
+ (goto-char (point-min))
+ (let (options)
+ (while (re-search-forward "^\\([a-z-]*\\)::\\(.*?\\)$" nil t)
+ (let ((option (match-string 1))
+ (value (match-string 2)))
+ (add-to-list 'options (cons (intern option) (cond
+ ((string-match "^[0-9]$" value) (string-to-number value))
+ ((string= "t" value) t)
+ ((string= "nil" value) nil)
+ (t value))))))
+ options)))))
+(defun pandoc-view-output ()
+ "Displays the *Pandoc output* buffer."
+ (interactive)
+ (display-buffer pandoc-output-buffer))
+(defun pandoc-view-settings ()
+ "Displays the settings file in the *Pandoc output* buffer."
+ (interactive)
+ (let ((options pandoc-local-options))
+ (set-buffer pandoc-output-buffer)
+ (erase-buffer)
+ (pandoc-insert-options options))
+ (display-buffer pandoc-output-buffer))
+;; Functions to set specific options. ;;
+(defun pandoc-set-write (format)
+ "Sets the output format to FORMAT.
+If a settings and/or project file exists for FORMAT, they are
+loaded. If none exists, all options are unset (except the input
+ (interactive (list (completing-read "Set output format to: " pandoc-output-formats nil t)))
+ (when (and pandoc-settings-modified-flag
+ (y-or-n-p (format "Current settings for output format \"%s\" changed. Save? " (pandoc-get 'write))))
+ (pandoc-save-settings (pandoc-get 'write) t))
+ (unless (pandoc-load-settings-profile format t)
+ (setq pandoc-local-options (copy-alist pandoc-options))
+ (pandoc-set 'write format)
+ (pandoc-set 'read (cdr (assq major-mode pandoc-major-modes)))))
+(defun pandoc-set-output (prefix)
+ "Set the output file.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the output
+file is unset. If called with any other prefix argument, the
+output file is created on the basis of the input file and the
+output format."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'output
+ (cond
+ ((eq prefix '-) nil)
+ ((null prefix) (file-name-nondirectory (expand-file-name (read-file-name "Output file: "))))
+ (t t))))
+(defun pandoc-set-css (prefix)
+ "Set the CSS style sheet.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the CSS style
+sheet file is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'css
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (file-name-nondirectory (read-file-name "Select CSS style sheet: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-include-in-header (prefix)
+ "Set the file to be included in the header.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the include
+header file is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'include-in-header
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (expand-file-name (read-file-name "File to include in the header: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-include-before-body (prefix)
+ "Set the file to be included before the body.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the include
+before body file is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'include-before-body
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (expand-file-name (read-file-name "File to include before the body: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-include-after-body (prefix)
+ "Set the file to be included after the body.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the include
+after body file is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'include-after-body
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (expand-file-name (read-file-name "File to include after the body: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-custom-header (prefix)
+ "Select the custom header file.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the custom
+header file is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'custom-header
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (expand-file-name (read-file-name "Select the custom header file: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-title-prefix (prefix)
+ "Set title prefix.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the title
+prefix is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'title-prefix
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (read-string "Title prefix: "))))
+(defun pandoc-set-tab-stop (prefix)
+ "Set the tab stop size.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the tab stop
+width is set to its default value 4."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'tab-stop
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (string-to-number (read-string "Tab stop: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-latexmathml (prefix)
+ "Use LaTeXMathML to display embedded TeX in HTML output.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), LaTeXMathML is
+not used. file is unset. If called with any other prefix
+argument, the LaTeXMathML script will be added to the HTML header."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'latexmathml
+ (cond
+ ((eq prefix '-) nil)
+ ((null prefix) (read-string "LaTeXMathML URL: "))
+ (t t))))
+(defun pandoc-set-jsmath (prefix)
+ "Use jsMath to display embedded TeX math in HTML output.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), no jsMath will be used."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'jsmath
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (string-to-number (read-string "Tab stop: ")))))
+(defun pandoc-set-mimetex (prefix)
+ "Render TeX math using the MimeTeX CGI script.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), MimeTeX is not
+used. file is unset. If called with any other prefix argument,
+the MimeTeX CGI script will assumed to be in
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'mimetex
+ (cond
+ ((eq prefix '-) nil)
+ ((null prefix) (read-string "MimeTeX CGI script: "))
+ (t t))))
+(defun pandoc-set-email-obfuscation (prefix)
+ "Set the option `Email Obfuscation'.
+If called with prefix argument C-u - (or M--), Email Obfuscation
+is unset."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'email-obfuscation
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (let ((value (completing-read "Set email obfuscation: " '("none" "javascript" "references") nil t)))
+ (if (member value '("" "none"))
+ nil
+ value))))
+ (message "Email obfuscation: %s." (or (pandoc-get 'email-obfuscation)
+ "unset")))
+(defun pandoc-set-output-dir (prefix)
+ "Set the option `Output Directory'.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the output
+directory is set to NIL, which means use the directory of the
+input file."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (pandoc-set 'output-dir
+ (if (eq prefix '-)
+ nil
+ (expand-file-name (read-directory-name "Output directory: " nil nil t)))))
+(defun pandoc-toggle-interactive (prefix)
+ "Toggle one of pandoc's binary options.
+If called with the prefix argument C-u - (or M--), the options is
+unset. If called with any other prefix argument, the option is
+set. Without any prefix argument, the option is toggled."
+ (interactive "P")
+ (let ((completion-ignore-case t))
+ (let ((option (cdr (assoc (completing-read (format "%s option: " (cond
+ ((eq prefix '-) "Unset")
+ ((null prefix) "Toggle")
+ (t "Set")))
+ pandoc-binary-switches nil t) pandoc-binary-switches))))
+ (pandoc-set option (cond
+ ((eq prefix '-) nil)
+ ((null prefix) (not (pandoc-get option)))
+ (t t)))
+ (message "Option `%s' %s." (car (rassq option pandoc-binary-switches)) (if (pandoc-get option)
+ "set"
+ "unset")))))
+(easy-menu-define pandoc-mode-menu pandoc-mode-map "Pandoc menu"
+ `("Pandoc"
+ ["Run Pandoc" pandoc-run-pandoc :active t]
+ ["Create PDF" pandoc-run-markdown2pdf
+ :active (string= (pandoc-get 'read) "markdown")]
+ ["View Output Buffer" pandoc-view-output :active t]
+ ["Save File Settings" pandoc-save-settings-file :active t]
+ ["Set As Default Format" pandoc-set-default-format :active t]
+ ("Project"
+ ["Save Project File" pandoc-save-project-file :active t]
+ ["Undo File Settings" pandoc-undo-file-settings :active t])
+ "--"
+ ["View Current Settings" pandoc-view-settings :active t]
+ ,(append (cons "Input Format"
+ (mapcar #'(lambda (option)
+ (vector (car option)
+ `(pandoc-set 'read ,(cdr option))
+ :active t
+ :style 'radio
+ :selected `(string= (pandoc-get 'read)
+ ,(cdr option))))
+ '(("Native Haskell" . "native")
+ ("Markdown" . "markdown")
+ ("reStructuredText" . "rst")
+ ("HTML" . "html")
+ ("LaTeX" . "latex"))))
+ (list ["Literal Haskell" (pandoc-toggle 'read-lhs)
+ :active (member (pandoc-get 'read) '("markdown" "rst" "latex"))
+ :style toggle :selected (pandoc-get 'read-lhs)]))
+ ,(append (cons "Output Format"
+ (mapcar #'(lambda (option)
+ (vector (car option)
+ `(pandoc-set-write ,(cdr option))
+ :active t
+ :style 'radio
+ :selected `(string= (pandoc-get 'write)
+ ,(cdr option))))
+ '(("Native Haskell" . "native")
+ ("Markdown" . "markdown")
+ ("reStructuredText" . "rst")
+ ("HTML" . "html")
+ ("LaTeX" . "latex")
+ ("ConTeXt" . "context")
+ ("Man Page" . "man")
+ ("MediaWiki" . "mediawiki")
+ ("TeXinfo" . "texinfo")
+ ("DocBook XML" . "docbook")
+ ("OpenDocument XML" . "opendocument")
+ ("OpenOffice Text Document" . "odt")
+ ("S5 HTML/JS Slide Show" . "s5")
+ ("Rich Text Format" . "rtf"))))
+ (list ["Literal Haskell" (pandoc-toggle 'write-lhs)
+ :active (member (pandoc-get 'write)
+ '("markdown" "rst" "latex" "html"))
+ :style toggle :selected (pandoc-get 'write-lhs)]))
+ ("Files"
+ ("Output File"
+ ["Output To Stdout" (pandoc-set 'output nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'output))]
+ ["Create Output Filename" (pandoc-set 'output t) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (eq (pandoc-get 'output) t)]
+ ["Set Output File..." pandoc-set-output :active t
+ :style radio :selected (stringp (pandoc-get 'output))])
+ ("Output Directory"
+ ["Use Input Directory" (pandoc-set 'output-dir nil) :actine t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'output-dir))]
+ ["Set Output Directory" pandoc-set-output-dir :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'output-dir)])
+ ("CSS Style Sheet"
+ ["No CSS Style Sheet" (pandoc-set 'css nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'css))]
+ ["Set CSS Style Sheet..." pandoc-set-css :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'css)])
+ ("Include In Header"
+ ["Nothing Included In Header" (pandoc-set 'include-in-header nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'include-in-header))]
+ ["Include In Header..." pandoc-set-include-in-header :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'include-in-header)])
+ ("Include Before Body"
+ ["Nothing Included Before Body" (pandoc-set 'include-before-body nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'include-before-body))]
+ ["Include Before Body..." pandoc-set-include-before-body :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'include-before-body)])
+ ("Include After Body"
+ ["Nothing Included After Body" (pandoc-set 'include-after-body nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'include-after-body))]
+ ["Include After Body..." pandoc-set-include-after-body :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'include-after-body)])
+ ("Custom Header"
+ ["No Custom Header" (pandoc-set 'custom-header nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'custom-header))]
+ ["Set Custom Header File..." pandoc-set-custom-header :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'custom-header)]))
+ ("Options"
+ ("Title Prefix"
+ ["No Title Prefix" (pandoc-set 'title-prefix nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'title-prefix))]
+ ["Set Title Prefix..." pandoc-set-title-prefix :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'title-prefix)])
+ ("Tab Stops"
+ ["Default Tab Stops" (pandoc-set 'tab-stop nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'tab-stop))]
+ ["Set Tab Stop Width..." pandoc-set-tab-stop :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'tab-stop)])
+ ("LaTeXMathML"
+ ["No LaTeXMathML" (pandoc-set 'latexmathml nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'latexmathml))]
+ ["Add Script To HTML Header" (pandoc-set 'latexmathml t) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (eq (pandoc-get 'latexmathml) t)]
+ ["Set LaTeXMathML URL..." pandoc-set-latexmathml :active t
+ :style radio :selected (stringp (pandoc-get 'latexmathml))])
+ ("jsMath"
+ ["No jsMath" (pandoc-set 'jsmath) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'jsmath))]
+ ["Set jsMath URL..." pandoc-set-jsmath :active t
+ :style radio :selected (pandoc-get 'jsmath)])
+ ("MimeTeX"
+ ["No MimeTeX" (pandoc-set 'mimetex nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (null (pandoc-get 'mimetex))]
+ ["Default Script Location" (pandoc-set 'mimetex t) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (eq (pandoc-get 'mimetex) t)]
+ ["Set MimeTeX GCI Script..." pandoc-set-mimetex :active t
+ :style radio :selected (stringp (pandoc-get 'mimetex))])
+ ("Email Obfuscation"
+ ["None" (pandoc-set 'email-obfuscation nil) :active t
+ :style radio :selected (not (pandoc-get 'email-obfuscation))]
+ ["Javascript" (pandoc-set 'email-obfuscation "javascript") :active t
+ :style radio :selected (string= (pandoc-get 'email-obfuscation) "javascript")]
+ ["References" (pandoc-set 'email-obfuscation "references") :active t
+ :style radio :selected (string= (pandoc-get 'email-obfuscation) "references")])
+ ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (option)
+ (vector (car option) `(pandoc-toggle (quote ,(cdr option)))
+ :active t
+ :style 'toggle
+ :selected `(pandoc-get (quote ,(cdr option)))))
+ pandoc-binary-switches))))
+(easy-menu-add pandoc-mode-menu pandoc-mode-map)
+(provide 'pandoc-mode)
+;;; pandoc-mode ends here

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