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89725fd @jgm Initial commit.
1 name: gitit
2 version: 0.1
3 build-type: Simple
4 synopsis: Wiki using HAppS, git, and pandoc.
5 description: Gitit is a wiki program. HAppS is used for the web
6 server and session state. Pages and uploaded files
7 are stored in a git repository and may be modified
8 either by using git's command-line tools or through
9 the wiki's web interface. Pandoc's extended version
10 of markdown is used as a markup language. Gitit can
11 be configured to display TeX math (using jsMath)
12 and highlighted source code. Ajax is used in a
13 few places, but all the basic functionality is
14 available even in browsers that do not support
15 javascript.
17 category: Network
18 license: GPL
19 license-file: LICENSE
20 author: John MacFarlane
21 maintainer:
22 data-files: stylesheets/gitit.css, stylesheets/hk-pyg.css,
23 stylesheets/folder.png, stylesheets/page.png,
24 javascripts/dragdiff.js, javascripts/folding.js,
25 javascripts/jquery.min.js,
26 javascripts/jquery-ui-personalized-1.6rc2.min.js,
27 javascripts/preview.js, javascripts/search.js,
f8cc8de @jgm Removed reference to LaTeXMathML.js from gitit.cabal.
28 data/post-update, data/, data/,
29 README.markdown, data/SampleConfig.hs
89725fd @jgm Initial commit.
31 hs-source-dirs: .
32 executable: gitit
33 main-is: Gitit.hs
34 other-modules: Gitit.State, Gitit.Git
35 build-depends: base, parsec < 3, pretty, xhtml, containers, pandoc
36 >= 1.1, process, filepath, directory, mtl, cgi,
37 network, old-time, highlighting-kate, bytestring,
38 utf8-string, HAppS-Server, HAppS-State, HAppS-Data,
39 Crypto, HTTP
41 ghc-options: -Wall -threaded
42 ghc-prof-options: -auto-all
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