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# Welcome to Gitit!
Gitit is a [Wiki] written in [Haskell]. [HAppS] is used for the web
server and session state. Pages and uploaded files are stored in a [git]
repository and may be modified either by using git's command-line tools
or through the wiki's web interface. [Pandoc]'s extended version of
[markdown] is used as a markup language. Gitit can be configured to
display TeX math and highlighted source code.
You can edit this page by double-clicking on it, or by clicking on the
"edit" button at the bottom of the screen.
You can make a link to another wiki page like this:
`[French Cheeses]()`.
This will produce a link like this: [French Cheeses](). Note that
the names of wiki pages need not be in CamelCase, and they may contain
spaces. Wiki pages may be organized into directories. Use the
slash ("/") character between directories and page names or
subdirectories: `[Wines/Pinot Noir]()`.
To create a new wiki page, just create a link to it and follow
the link.
Help is always available through the "help" link on the top bar.
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