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_ Add a Go box that goes to the specified page title;
if page does not exist, falls back to a normal search. Complements
existing Search box.
- add: popular pages? pages last visited?
- add "related changes" to history page (like activity, but looks at
only pages linked from this one)
- page for users to recover password (by getting an email), change email address,
change password.
- paging for long histories, activity lists
- handle logging: see
- add literate haskell support to pandoc, and to gitit
- does debugFilter still work?
- rss feed for all page changes? see the rss library (Text.RSS) on HackageDB
- add signature? (-- ~~~~)
- need some way of indicating that a file is lhs... perhaps a leading <!-- lhs -->?
- improve use of string templates: different components of pages should
have their own templates.
- add support for categories:
an example of a category:
Note the subcategories as well. For general technical information
and usage of MediaWiki categories, see &
Categories can form a tree structure.
Articles can be in multiple categories.
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