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-- Usage: a paragraph containing just [My page](!subst)
-- will be replaced by the contents of My page.
-- Limitations: it is assumed that My page is
-- formatted with markdown, and contains no metadata.
module Subst (plugin) where
import Data.FileStore (retrieve)
import Text.Pandoc (defaultParserState, readMarkdown)
import Network.Gitit.ContentTransformer (inlinesToString)
import Network.Gitit.Interface
import Network.Gitit.Framework (filestoreFromConfig)
plugin :: Plugin
plugin = mkPageTransformM substituteIntoBlock
substituteIntoBlock :: [Block] -> PluginM [Block]
substituteIntoBlock (Para (Link ref ("!subst", _):_ ):xs) =
do let target = inlinesToString ref ++ ".page"
cfg <- askConfig
let fs = filestoreFromConfig cfg
article <- liftIO (retrieve fs target Nothing)
let (Pandoc _ content) = readMarkdown defaultParserState article
(content ++) `fmap` substituteIntoBlock xs
substituteIntoBlock (x:xs) = (x:) `fmap` substituteIntoBlock xs
substituteIntoBlock [] = return []
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