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module Dot (plugin) where
-- This plugin allows you to include a graphviz dot diagram
-- in a page like this:
-- ~~~ {.dot name="diagram1"}
-- digraph G {Hello->World}
-- ~~~
-- The "dot" executable must be in the path.
-- The generated png file will be saved in the static img directory.
-- If no name is specified, a unique name will be generated from a hash
-- of the file contents.
import Network.Gitit.Interface
import System.Process (readProcessWithExitCode)
import System.Exit (ExitCode(ExitSuccess))
-- from the utf8-string package on HackageDB:
import Data.ByteString.Lazy.UTF8 (fromString)
-- from the SHA package on HackageDB:
import Data.Digest.Pure.SHA (sha1, showDigest)
import System.FilePath ((</>))
import Control.Monad.Trans (liftIO)
plugin :: Plugin
plugin = mkPageTransformM transformBlock
transformBlock :: Block -> PluginM Block
transformBlock (CodeBlock (_, classes, namevals) contents) | "dot" `elem` classes = do
cfg <- askConfig
let (name, outfile) = case lookup "name" namevals of
Just fn -> ([Str fn], fn ++ ".png")
Nothing -> ([], uniqueName contents ++ ".png")
liftIO $ do
(ec, _out, err) <- readProcessWithExitCode "dot" ["-Tpng", "-o",
staticDir cfg </> "img" </> outfile] contents
if ec == ExitSuccess
then return $ Para [Image name ("/img" </> outfile, "")]
else error $ "dot returned an error status: " ++ err
transformBlock x = return x
-- | Generate a unique filename given the file's contents.
uniqueName :: String -> String
uniqueName = showDigest . sha1 . fromString
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