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name: gitit
version: 0.3
Cabal-version: >= 1.2
build-type: Simple
synopsis: Wiki using HAppS, git, and pandoc.
description: Gitit is a wiki program. Pages and uploaded files
are stored in a git repository and may be modified
either by using git's command-line tools or through
the wiki's web interface. Pandoc's extended version
of markdown is used as a markup language. Pages
can be exported in a number of different formats,
including LaTeX, RTF, OpenOffice ODT, and MediaWiki
markup. Gitit can be configured to display TeX math
(using jsMath) and highlighted source code (using
category: Network
license: GPL
license-file: LICENSE
author: John MacFarlane
stability: experimental
data-files: css/screen.css, css/print.css, css/ie.css, css/hk-pyg.css,
img/icons/folder.png, img/icons/page.png,
img/icons/cross.png, img/icons/doc.png, img/icons/email.png,
img/icons/external.png, img/icons/external.png, img/icons/feed.png,
img/icons/folder.png, img/icons/im.png, img/icons/key.png,
img/icons/page.png, img/icons/pdf.png, img/icons/tick.png,
js/dragdiff.js, js/folding.js,
js/jquery.min.js, js/uploadForm.js,
js/preview.js, js/search.js,
data/post-update, data/, data/,
README.markdown, data/SampleConfig.hs, BLUETRIP-LICENSE,
Executable gitit
hs-source-dirs: .
main-is: Gitit.hs
other-modules: Gitit.State, Gitit.Git, Paths_gitit
build-depends: base >=3, parsec < 3, pretty, xhtml, containers, pandoc
>= 1.1, process, filepath, directory, mtl, cgi,
network, old-time, highlighting-kate, bytestring,
utf8-string, HAppS-Server >= 0.9.3 && < 0.9.4,
HAppS-State >= 0.9.3 && < 0.9.4,
HAppS-Data >= 0.9.3 && < 0.9.4, Crypto, HTTP
if impl(ghc >= 6.10)
build-depends: base >= 4, syb
ghc-options: -Wall -threaded
ghc-prof-options: -auto-all
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