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## Editing a page
-To edit a page, just double-click it, or click the "edit" button at
-the bottom right corner of the page.
+To edit a page, just click the "edit" button at the bottom right corner
+of the page.
You can click "Preview" at any time to see how your changes will look.
Nothing is saved until you press "Save."
Note that you must provide a description of your changes. This is to
make it easier for others to see how a wiki page has been changed.
+## Page metadata
+Pages may optionally begin with a metadata block. Here is an example:
+ ---
+ format: latex+lhs
+ categories: haskell math
+ toc: no
+ title: Haskell and
+ Category Theory
+ ...
+ \section{Why Category Theory?}
+The metadata block consists of a list of key-value pairs, each on a
+separate line. If needed, the value can be continued on one or more
+additional line, which must begin with a space. (This is illustrated by
+the "title" example above.) The metadata block must begin with a line
+`---` and end with a line `...` optionally followed by one or more blank
+Currently the following keys are supported:
+: Overrides the default page type as specified in the configuration file.
+ Possible values are `markdown`, `rst`, `latex`, `html`, `markdown+lhs`,
+ `rst+lhs`, `latex+lhs`. (Capitalization is ignored, so you can also
+ use `LaTeX`, `HTML`, etc.) The `+lhs` variants indicate that the page
+ is to be interpreted as literate Haskell. If this field is missing,
+ the default page type will be used.
+: A space or comma separated list of categories to which the page belongs.
+: Overrides default setting for table-of-contents in the configuration file.
+ Values can be `yes`, `no`, `true`, or `false` (capitalization is ignored).
+: By default the displayed page title is the page name. This metadata element
+ overrides that default.
## Creating a new page
To create a new page, just create a wiki link that links to it, and

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