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Updated README with new metadata format.

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@@ -146,20 +146,23 @@ Page metadata
Pages may optionally begin with a metadata block. Here is an example:
- !format: latex+lhs
- !categories: haskell math
- !toc: no
- !title: Haskell and
+ ---
+ format: latex+lhs
+ categories: haskell math
+ toc: no
+ title: Haskell and
Category Theory
+ ...
\section{Why Category Theory?}
- ...
The metadata block consists of a list of key-value pairs, each on a separate
line. If needed, the value can be continued on one or more additional
line, which must begin with a space. (This is illustrated by the "title"
-example above.) The metadata block must be separated from the main text
-of the article by a blank line.
+example above.) The metadata block must begin with a line `---` and end with
+a line `...` followed by one or more blank lines. (The metadata block is a
+valid YAML document, though not all YAML documents will be valid metadata
Currently the following keys are supported:
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