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@@ -373,15 +373,18 @@ If you are using the darcs or mercurial backend, the commands will
be slightly different. See the documentation for your VCS for
By default, gitit does not cache content. If your wiki receives a lot of
traffic or contains pages that are slow to render, you may want to activate
caching. To do this, set the configuration option `use-cache` to `yes`.
-By default, rendered pages and highlighted source files will be cached
-in the `cache` directory. (Another directory can be specified by setting
-the `cache-dir` configuration option.)
+By default, rendered pages, highlighted source files, and exported PDFs
+will be cached in the `cache` directory. (Another directory can be
+specified by setting the `cache-dir` configuration option.)
Cached pages are updated when pages are modified using the web
interface. They are not updated when pages are modified directly through
@@ -411,6 +414,19 @@ and a failure status (> 0) otherwise.
The cache is persistent through restarts of gitit. To expire all cached
pages, simply remove the `cache` directory.
+By default, GHC's runtime will repeatedly attempt to collect garbage
+when an executable like Gitit is idle. This means that gitit will, after
+the first page request, never use 0% CPU time and sleep, but will use
+~1%. This can be bad for battery life, among other things.
+To fix this, one can disable the idle-time GC with the runtime flag
+ gitit -f my.conf +RTS -I0 -RTS
Using gitit with apache

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