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Fixed some errors in cabal file.

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1 parent f8cd051 commit 8b5e12bbe7647967e2ef6718df2f789f3b664be4 @jgm committed Nov 22, 2008
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2 gitit.cabal
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ data-files: css/screen.css, css/print.css, css/ie.css, css/hk-pyg.css,
img/icons/external.png, img/icons/external.png, img/icons/feed.png,
img/icons/folder.png, img/icons/im.png, img/icons/key.png,
img/icons/page.png, img/icons/pdf.png, img/icons/tick.png,
- img/icons.xls.png, img/grid.png,
+ img/icons/xls.png,
js/dragdiff.js, js/folding.js,
js/jquery.min.js, js/uploadForm.js,

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