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+Version 0.6.1 released ? ??? 2009
+When upgrading, be sure to delete template.html and the static directory so
+that these will be replaced by the newest versions. Or, if you have customized
+these, merge the changes into your customized versions. If your wiki contains
+discuss pages of the form ``, rename them to ``.
+Summary of main changes:
+* Added support for plugins -- dynamically loaded Haskell programs that
+ transform pages. See the haddock documentation for Gitit.Interface for
+ plugin documentation. The plugins directory contains several sample
+ plugins.
+* Gitit's configuration file is now a text file with key-value pairs,
+ rather than a Haskell file. The default configuration file
+ (which can be printed using `gitit --print-default-config`
+ contains comments that document all of the options.
+* Pages may now be written in (limited dialects of) LaTeX or HTML,
+ as well as markdown and reStructuredText. The default format
+ is determined by a configuration option, but can be overridden
+ on a per-page basis using metadata (see below). The default
+ Front Page and Help page are created in the default format specified
+ by the configuration file. In addition, syntax help is now displayed
+ to the left of the editing box when a page is being edited.
+* Pages may be written in literate Haskell, using either bird
+ style with markdown or reStructuredText, or LaTeX style with
+ LaTeX. Literate Haskell can be made the default or specified on
+ a per-page basis.
+* Gitit now exports a library, Network.Gitit, that makes it easy for
+ any happstack application to embed a gitit wiki.
+* HTPP authentication is now supported as an alternative to gitit's
+ form-based authentication.
+* Gitit's form-based authentication now includes a "password reset"
+ email. Slightly modified from a patch from Henry Laxen.
+* The naming scheme for discussion pages has changed: the discussion
+ page for foo is now @foo, not foo:discuss. Reason: Windows, and
+ thus darcs, does not like colons in filenames.
+* Improved logging, with configurable verbosity.
+* Improved caching, with better memory efficiency. Cached
+ pages stored as bytestrings. Configurable maximum cache
+ size; old pages are expired as needed to stay under this
+ limit.
+* Major code reorganization and cleanup. Gitit has been moved under
+ the Network namespace. The old WebT handlers are replaced by new ones
+ in ServerPartT. 'handle' has been removed; instead, we use happstack's
+ routing combinators. Configuration and filestores are now passed
+ around in a reader monad, in WikiState. (This also allows different
+ wikis to have different configurations.) Most handlers have been
+ simplified so that they no longer require Page and Params arguments.
+ A new function, 'withInput', is used to avoid the need to pass Params
+ between handlers.
+* Added Network.Gitit.ContentTransformer module (thanks to Anton van
+ Straaten). The ContentTransformer module replaces Gitit.Convert. It
+ defines a number of single-purpose combinators that can be combined to
+ yield various kinds of content conversions. These are used to define
+ showPage, preview, showHighlightedSource, and other handlers that used
+ to be defined in Gitit.hs.
+* Updated for happstack-0.3.
+* Redirects set properly after account creation. If users go from
+ the Login form to the Register form, they are no longer redirected
+ back to the Login form after creating an account.
+* indexPage now uses filestore's new 'directory' function. It shows one
+ directory at a time. Subdirectories link to further index pages. This
+ improves on the old javascript folding interface, which did not preserve
+ state. (Thanks to Thomas Hartman for suggestions.)
+* URLs of the form /a/b/ are now equivalent to /_index/a/b.
+* All static content has been moved to the path /_static, so
+ it doesn't interfere with user-created `css`, `js`, `img`
+ directories.
+* Improvements and bug fixes to deleting. Deleting a non-page now works.
+ You get a nice informative message if you try to delete a nonexistent
+ page or file.
+* The "Permanent link" link has been removed. It relied on the sha1
+ parameter always being set, but we've changed that for performance
+ reasons.
+* Gitit can now be proxied to a subdirectory path. Thanks to Henry Laxen
+ for the idea and patches. See README for instructions.
+* Performance improvements (mostly due to Gwern Branwen): Pages can be
+ compressed (configurable); unneeded filestore calls removed; cache-control:
+ max-age used.
+* Moved sidebar to end of HTML to make things easier for screen readers.
+* Yahoo YUI CSS framework is now used for better consistency across browsers.
+* Fixed handling of 'forUser' parameter in 'recent activity'.
+* Made default maxUploadSize 10 Mb.
+* Page names may now contain periods.
Version 0.5.3 released 1 Feb 2009
* Fixed bug which caused jsMath not to load.
@@ -9,13 +119,20 @@ Version 0.5.2 released 1 Feb 2009
Version 0.5.1 released 1 Feb 2009
* Major code reorganization, making gitit more modular.
* Gitit can now optionally be built using Happstack instead of HAppS
(just use -fhappstack when cabal installing).
* Fixed bug with directories that had the same names as pages.
* Added code from HAppS-Extra to fix cookie parsing problems.
* New command-line options for --port, --debug.
* New debug feature prints the date, the raw request, and
the processed request data to standard output on each request.
* Files with ".page" extension can no longer be uploaded.
* Apostrophes and quotation marks now allowed in page names.

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