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jgm committed Aug 15, 2009
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@@ -60,15 +60,25 @@ Summary of main changes:
made into an ajax request to /_user. jQuery is now loaded on every
+* The authentication system has been revised and made much more
+ flexible. In the configuration file, you can specify either
+ 'form', 'http', or 'generic' as authentication-method. Form
+ authentication is the old form-based gitit authentication system. HTTP
+ authentication presupposes that the wiki pages are locked down under
+ HTTP authentication; the gitit user will be set to the username used
+ for HTTP authentication. Generic authentication takes the username
+ from the REMOTE_USER request header. When gitit is being used as a
+ library, one can specify a custom withUser filter (which determines
+ the logged in user and sets REMOTE_USER accordingly) and a custom
+ authHandler (including handlers for /_login, /_logout, and whatever
+ else is needed).
* template.html has now been replaced by a directory, templates/, with
separate templates for each component of a page.
* Added /_reloadTemplates action that recompiles the templates. (By
default the templates are compiled only on startup.)
-* HTPP authentication is now supported as an alternative to gitit's
- form-based authentication.
* Gitit's form-based authentication now includes a "password reset"
email. Slightly modified from a patch from Henry Laxen.
@@ -88,6 +98,10 @@ Summary of main changes:
A new function, 'withInput', is used to avoid the need to pass Params
between handlers.
+* Gitit State now includes a renderPage function. This is more flexible
+ than storing a page template, since the user may want to use a custom
+ page rendering function, even one not based on string templates.
* Added Network.Gitit.ContentTransformer module (thanks to Anton van
Straaten). The ContentTransformer module replaces Gitit.Convert. It
defines a number of single-purpose combinators that can be combined to
@@ -136,6 +150,7 @@ Summary of main changes:
page or file.
* Page names containing "..", "?", or "*" are disallowed.
+ Page names may now contain periods.
* The "Permanent link" link has been removed. It relied on the sha1
parameter always being set, but we've changed that for performance
@@ -150,13 +165,15 @@ Summary of main changes:
* Moved sidebar to end of HTML to make things easier for screen readers.
+* Moved search box and go box to templates.
* Yahoo YUI CSS framework is now used for better consistency across browsers.
* Fixed handling of 'forUser' parameter in 'recent activity'.
* Made default maxUploadSize 10 Mb.
-* Page names may now contain periods.
+* Renamed AppState -> GititState.
Version 0.5.3 released 1 Feb 2009

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