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README: Clarified use of -f option.

Suggested by Thomas Hartman.
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John MacFarlane
John MacFarlane committed Jan 22, 2010
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@@ -217,11 +217,15 @@ Configuring and customizing gitit
Configuration options
-You can set some configuration options when starting gitit, using the
-option `-f [filename]`. To get a copy of the default configuration file,
-which you can customize, just type:
+Use the option `-f [filename]` to specify a configuration file:
- gitit --print-default-config > default.conf
+ gitit -f my.conf
+If this option is not used, gitit will use a default configuration.
+To get a copy of the default configuration file, which you
+can customize, just type:
+ gitit --print-default-config > my.conf
The default configuration file is documented with comments throughout.

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