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Commits on Jan 21, 2009
Commits on Nov 22, 2008
  1. Major reorganization and new wikipedia-like theme.

    - Moved javascripts -> js.
    - Moved stylesheets -> css.
    - Moved images -> img.
    - New screen.css, ie.css, and print.css based on bluetrip
      css framework and wikipedia css.
    - Moved folder and page icons into img/icons.
    - New two-column tabbed layout based on wikipedia's layout.
    - Removed old banner; added lambda-bann.png and gitit-dog.png.
      gitit-dog is derived from
      (creative commons 2 attribution license)
    - Made gitit-dog the default logo (saved as logo.png in static/img/);
      users can simply replace this with their own logo.png.
    - Updated sample config to include metadata for gitit logo.
    - Changed wikiBanner -> wikiLogo, now a path rather than raw HTML.
    - Better styling for login/register.
    - Changed formattedPage to use page layout structure.
      Added page titles and tab selects.
    - Don't give error on null email in registration.
    - Added revision number below page title.
    - Updated print css and added button for "printable version".
    - Implemented "random page" button.
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